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Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention (2023) (Hi-Res)

Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention (2023) (Hi-Res)

Album preview
FLAC (tracks) 24bit-44.1kHz - 1.9 GB
2:36:22 | Electronic | Label: Skint Records

Reimagines the English singer-songwriter’s debut album. Alison Goldfrapp brings the reinvention of his debut album in The Love Reinvention new facet of the songs you already know elevated in electro sounds available December 8th through ‎Skint Records.With the English composer’s first solo album we find a new world of dance, now months away from its release, The Love Reinvention reimagines this concept from techno and deep house. You can now find their first single “Every Little Drop”.

This first release is a B-side of the song “SLoFLo”, putting aside its soft and delicate, to give it the depth of house. With beats very charged and an accelerated tempo gives a total turn to what we heard on the first album, adds a melodic contrast between the voice of Alison and the electro sound in constant movement.

With unexpected mixes and new masks in the creation of Alison Goldfrapp, The Love Reinvention It is just one more piece of the new world of the solo artist. Additionally, the singer embarks on her first tour of Europe as headlinerthis is the reinvention of Alison you are ready?

1. Never Stop Loving (6:52)
2. Love Reinvention (6:15)
3. Dug Deeper (6:29)
4. In Blue (6:32)
5. Astral Invitation (7:31)
6. Feverous (6:39)
7. It's Your Destiny (6:55)
8. Dubterfuge (5:46)
9. Gateaux & Gelato (5:17)
10. So Hot So Hard (7:28)
11. Every Little Drop (5:41)
12. Gateaux & Gelato (Edit) (3:42)
13. Every Little Drop (Edit) (3:35)

1. NeverStop (4:35)
2. Love Invention (4:19)
3. Digging Deeper Now (4:17)
4. In Electric Blue (3:20)
5. The Beat Divine (5:10)
6. Fever (This Is the Real Thing) (4:43)
7. Hotel (Suite 23) (4:35)
8. Subterfuge (3:13)
9. Gatto Gelato (4:37)
10. So Hard So Hot (4:28)
11. SLoFLo (3:40)
12. Fever (3:49)
13. Digging Deeper (3:18)
14. Impossible (Alison Goldfrapp's 'Touch The Sky' Edit) (3:12)
15. Gatto Gelato (niina Remix) (5:21)
16. Fever (Special Request Club Mix) (9:10)
17. Digging Deeper (Extended Mix) (6:09)

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