The King's Singers - The King's Singers Collection (2008)

The King's Singers - The King's Singers Collection (2008)
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CD 1
1. Lectio 1The King's Singers 04:39
2. Responsories From 1st Nocturn: In Monte Oliveti 04:39
3. Responsories From 1st Nocturn: Tristis Est Anima Mea04:43
4. Responsories From 1st Nocturn: Ecce Vidimus Eum 07:25
5. Lectio 2The King's Singers 04:16
6. Responsories From 2nd Nocturn: Amicus Meus Osculi 03:53
7. Responsories From 2nd Nocturn: Judas Mercator Pessimus 02:36
8. Responsories From 2nd Nocturn: Unus Ex Discipulis Meis 06:09
9. Lectio 3The King's Singers 03:56
10. Responsories From 3rd Nocturn: Eram Quasi Agnus Innocens 05:11
11. Responsories From 3rd Nocturn: Una Hora Non Potuistis 03:28
12. Responsories From 3rd Nocturn: Seniores Populi Consilium 06:23
13. BenedictusThe King's Singers 07:46
14. Christus Factus Est 00:55

CD 2
1. Down To The River To Pray 02:43
2. Blackbird 02:52
3. The Wishing Tree 03:40
4. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) 04:07
5. Blue Skies 03:25
6. After The Goldrush 03:10

CD 3
1. George Whitehead's Almand 01:29
2. Kyrie From Mass For 4 Voices 01:56
3. A Fancie 04:31
4. Gloria From Mass For 4 Voices 05:55
5. Ardens Est Cor Meum 02:38
6. Civitas Sancti Tui 05:06
7. Ave Maria Gratia Plena 02:11
8. Credo From Mass For 4 Voices 07:58
9. Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral 04:21
10. O Lord How Joyful Is The King 08:24
11. From Virgin's Womb / Rejoice, Rejoice 02:06
12. M. Bucton's Galliard 01:19
13. Sanctus / Benedictus From Mass For 4 Voices 03:53
14. Master Tresham: His Ducke 13:53
15. Agnus Dei From Mass For 4 Voices 03:31

CD 4
1. Spem In Alium (Tallis)08:31
2. Interview With The King's Singers 06:20

CD 5
1. The Seasons Of His Mercies (Richard Rodney Bennet) 06:39
2. Scenes In America Deserta (John McCabe) 14:57
3. Taaveti Laulud - Taaveti Laul 22 (Cyrillus Kreek) 04:49
4. Taaveti Laulud - Onnis On Inimene (Cyrillus Kreek) 02:09
5. Taaveti Laulud - Taaveti Laul 141 (Cyrillus Kreek) 02:26
6. Taaveti Laulud - Taaveti Laul 121 (Cyrillus Kreek) 03:27
7. Remembered Love (Jackson Hill) 08:27
8. House Of Winter (Peter Maxwell Davies 11:52
9. Rakastava (Jean Sibelius) 07:45
10. Esti Dal (Zoltan Kodaly) 03:17
11. Even Such Is Time (Bob Chilcott) 02:50

The quintessentially English King's Singers have recorded prolifically and are approaching a catalog landmark of 100 album releases. Three box sets of five albums apiece are on the market, all with titles suggesting they represent best-of selections from among the group's repertoire. In no case is this so; all the boxes are simply repackagings of extant releases, each representing the group's work on a different label. Signum's The King's Singers Collection, representing music recorded between 2004 and 2006, is the best introduction to this a cappella group's activities. All five CDs come with their original booklet notes, which have always been a strong point with this group, and in general the set reveals an ensemble that continues across consistent personnel changes to bring new perspectives to familiar music, both classical and pop. The buyer expecting five full-length CDs should be apprised that one disc, a multi-tracked rendition of Thomas Tallis' 40-part motet Spem in alium, is a CD single; another, Six, is an EP containing five famous pop songs and one original composition. The three full-length discs reveal the group's strengths as programmers, which include timeliness: the 1605 Treason & Dischord disc appeared close to the release of the hit film V for Vendetta and a book by highly readable British pop historian Antonia Fraser about the Gunpowder Plot, setting the extremely relevant music of William Byrd against that background. The Landscape & Time disc offers contemporary pieces, several newly commissioned, that take physical landscape as a theme, and the group's essentially sensuous sound dovetails beautifully with this concept. Of the various labels that have recorded the King's Singers, the sharp brilliance imparted to their singing by Signum seems most in accord with their aims. The general listener in search of a basic King's Singers box may prefer EMI's The King's Singers Collection, but fans of the group who have missed their current releases will be satisfied by this survey of them.

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