VA - The History Of UK Underground Folk Rock - 1968-1978 - Vol 1-2 (1996)

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VA - The History Of UK Underground Folk Rock - 1968-1978 - Vol 1-2 (1996)

Album preview
Flac (tracks) | 1h 14 + 1h 6 min | Genre: Folk, Folk Rock | Label: Kissing Spell/Erewhon | 667 MB

Vol 1:


01. Shide & Acorn - Under The Tree (04:28)
02. Caedmon - Aslan (04:26)
03. Tir Na nog - Our Love (03:09)
04. Mellow Candle - Sheep Season (03:36)
05. Parameter - Emmeline (05:48)
06. Flibbertigibbet - Little Roving Sailor (02:18)
07. Horison - Sea Of Tranquility (05:50)
08. Vulcan's Hammer - Jamie (03:33)
09. Caedmon - Sea Song (05:35)
10. Stone Angel - Dancing At Whitsun (03:14)
11. Mark Newman - Patterns (02:29)
12. Trees - Little Black Cloud (02:13)
13. Midwinter - Winter Song (03:58)
14. Artist Unknown - Hymn For Today (04:19)
15. Loudest Whisper - She Moves Through The Fair (05:55)
16. Skybird - Magdalena (03:24)
17. Gallery - The Baron Of Brackley (04:28)
18. Water Into Wine Band - Waiting For Another Day (06:22)

Vol 2:


01. Mellow Candle - Silver Song
02. Stone Angel - The Bells Of Dunwich
03. Loudest Whisper - Silent O'Moyle
04. Parameter - Sun Gone
05. Shide And Acorn - I Used To Live Within A World
06. Blue Epitaph - Ffief
07. Mark Newman - Mustapha
08. Mourning Phase - Ring Out The Bells
09. No.9 Bread Street - Girl For All Seasons
10. Melton Constable - River Lane
11. Parameter - Virgin Childe
12. Horison - Epic
13. Waiting For The Sun - Waiting For The Sun
14. Moths - Halfdan's Daughter
15. Caedmon - London Psalm
16. Tir Na Nog - Daisy Lady
17. Flibbertigibbet - My Lagan Love
18. Midwinter - Sanctuary Stone

Like volume one of this enigmatically packaged and lightly distributed series, this is quality obscure British folk-rock from the late '60s and '70s. And this is obscure, when the best-known artist on a CD is Mellow Candle, who are not exactly tip-of-the-tongue names even to most committed British folk-rock fans. For anyone enamored of the sounds of Sandy Denny, the Incredible String Band, and the like, there are plenty of like-minded moments to please the ear here. It's true that nothing on the disc projects as strong an identity as Denny or the Incredibles. But there are enchanting high female vocals, pastoral hippie-ish lyrics, and deft blends of haunting melodic British Isles folk with psychedelic-tinged arrangements featuring acoustic guitars and flutes. That might sound like a lot of features to jam into one song, but sometimes that's accomplished, as on Stone Angel's "The Bells of Dunwich." Parameter's "Sun Gone" and "Virgin Childe" certainly achieve a low-key Incredible String Band vibe; Blue Epitaph's "Fief" has the rollicking acoustic guitars so typical of the genre at its best; Mark Newman's "Mustapha" has the folk-blues/world music fusion aura of U.K. guitarists like Davy Graham; Mourning Phase's "Ring Out the Bells" has the male-female harmonic blends that fans of this stuff love. With 66 minutes of music and consistent quality, it's very good value, not just one for insane collectors. Incidentally, despite the 1968-1978 chronological range given in the title, one cut, No. 9 Bread Street's "Girl for All Seasons," is dated as a 1967 recording in the track listings.

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