HC Modern Marvels - The Atlantic Wall (2005) x264 AC3 MVGroup

HC Modern Marvels - The Atlantic Wall (2005) x264 AC3 MVGroup
Language: English
43 min 56 s | 741 MiB | 2 357 kb/s | 720x544 | AC-3 48.0 kHz 2 channels 256 kb/s | mkv
In his quest to dominate a continent, Adolf Hitler faced a formidable task--defending 3,000 miles of occupied European coastline from an invasion that he knew was coming. To do so, the Nazis erected an incredible string of fortifications that came to be known as the Atlantic Wall.
From the North Cape to the Biscay, Hitler's Atlantic Wall stretched over 5,000 kilometers along the west and north coast of Europe. Around 13,000 bunkers and fortresses, especially on the Franco-Belgian Channel coast, were constructed to prevent a sea invasion by the Allies.
Using captured Nazi documents, expert commentary, combat and archival footage and the recollections of the soldiers who lived through D-Day, this episode tells the story of the most extensive defensive edifice erected since the Great Wall, visiting the now-quiet coastlines where the remnants of the massive network remain, detailing the different defenses and weapons that were supposed to make the European coast impregnable. Then, see how the Allied commanders plotted their attack and interviews soldiers who were charged with making their strategies work. Journey back to World War II for a fascinating look at the Atlantic Wall and how it was breached.

HC Modern Marvels - The Atlantic Wall (2005) x264 AC3 MVGroup

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