Teenagers, Sexual Health Information and the Digital Age

Teenagers, Sexual Health Information and the Digital Age
2020 | ISBN: 9780128169698 | English | 154 pages | PDF | 6,82 MB

Teenagers, Sexual Health Information and the Digital Age examines the online resources available on teenagers, including games and digital interventions. In addition, it highlights current issues such as sexting and pornography. Information needs and provisions are examined, and existing sexual health interventions and digital interventions are discussed, gathering both teenagers’ and sexual health professionals’ views on these services. In addition to a review of the current literature on sexual health and teenagers, the book examines groups of teenagers, particularly those vulnerable to risky sex and asks what are the predictors of these behaviors and what can be done to address the behaviors.

Finally, the book will also provide reflections and practical advice on the ethical issues associated with research in this context.

Provides guidance on the ethical issues with research associated with this topic
Covers both teenagers’ information needs as well as their existing levels of knowledge
Assesses how teenagers engage with, and evaluate, sexual health information
Addresses the challenges inherent in the online environment, such as unreliable and misleading information

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