VA - Worlds Greatest Latin Workout - The Only Latino Workout Album You'll Ever Need! (2015)

VA - Worlds Greatest Latin Workout - The Only Latino Workout Album You'll Ever Need! (2015)
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Mp3 CBR 320 kbps | Electro/Sports/Latino | 39 tracks 3 hrs 55 mins | 544 Mb

DJ Soular - Living La Vida Loca (Workout Mix 178bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - La Bamba (Workout Mix 151bpm)
Pablo White - She Bangs (Workout Mix 144bpm)
Miguel Cook - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Workout Mix 125bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Mas Que Nada (Workout Mix 100bpm)
Pablo White - Bamboleo (Workout Mix 128bpm)
Miguel Cook - Macarena (Workout Mix 103bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Baila Me (Workout Mix 135bpm)
Miguel Cook - We No Speak Americano (Workout Mix 130bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Guantanamera (Workout Mix 126bpm)
Miguel Cook - Asereje (Ketchup Song) [Workout Mix 93bpm]
Miguel Cook - Besame Mucho (Workout Mix 97bpm)
Miguel Cook - Sway (Workout Mix 126bpm)
DJ Soular - Zumba (Workout Mix 130bpm)
Pablo White - Love Don't Cost a Thing (Workout Mix 98bpm)
Miguel Cook - Copacabana (Workout Mix 128bpm)
Pablo White - Conga (Workout Mix 123bpm)
DJ Soular - Bailamos (Workout Mix 100bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Lets Get Loud (Workout Mix 131bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Chan Chan (Workout Mix 175bpm)
DJ Soular - Hero (Workout Mix 76bpm)
Pablo White - Hips Don't Lie (Workout Mix 120bpm)
Pablo White - La Isla Bonita (Workout Mix 130bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Mambo No.5 (Workout Mix 87bpm)
DJ Soular - La Cucaracha (Workout Mix 158bpm)
Miguel Cook - Hot Hot Hot (Workout Mix 120bpm)
Pablo White - Alejandro (Workout Mix 99bpm)
Miguel Cook - Lambada (Workout Mix 118bpm)
DJ Soular - Chiquitita (Workout Mix 85bpm)
DJ Soular - Mambo Italiano (Workout Mix 73npm)
Pablo White - Maria (Workout Mix 127bpm)
Pablo White - Represent,Cuba (Workout Mix 120bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Samba De Janiero (Workout Mix 133bpm)
Miguel Cook - Maria Maria (Workout Mix 98bpm)
DJ Soular - Oye Como Va (Workout Mix 129bpm)
Andrea Jiminez - Whenever,Wherever (Workout Mix 128bpm)
Pablo White - Volare (Workout Mix 120bpm)
DJ Soular - To Brazil! (Workout Mix 130bpm)
DJ Soular - Latino Workout Continuous Mix

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