Writing Japanese Katakana: An Introductory Japanese Language Workbook

Writing Japanese Katakana: An Introductory Japanese Language Workbook

2015 | ISBN: 9784805313503 | English | 82 pages | PDF | 4,77 MB

This is an introductory workbook and guide to writing Japanese Katakana.

Writing Japanese Katakana has been carefully designed to facilitate the quick and easy mastery of the 46–character katakana alphabet, making it the perfect tool to begin the process of mastering written Japanese.

Each character is introduced with brushed, handwritten and typed samples that enhance character recognition. Extensive space for writing allows the maximum practice to facilitate memorization and to ensure proper character formation. Entertaining illustrations and amusing examples of loan–words that use katakana in Japanese writings further reinforce memorization in a fun way. Writing Katakana is tailored to the specific needs of young students of the Japanese language, but is also well suited to beginning students of any age.

This Japanese language workbook contains:
grayed–out, trace–over characters for correct character construction.
Extensive practice in writing sentences for maximum reinforcement.
Supplementary explanations, including a brief history of the origin of each character, to foster visual recall.

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