-OC Format Sans Font Family

-OC Format Sans Font Family

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About -OC Format Sans Font Family
-OC Format Sans is the third incarnation of this geometric grotesk sans serif which fuses the style of Futura with the rhythm and proportions of Akzidenz. It comes in two styles, standard and a new Print family where crisp sharp edges have been made blunt in reference to the ink spread that occurs when printing on uncoated paper stock. It can give digital media a softer more approachable analog aesthetic. Typical of both grotesk and geometric styles the design has an even weight with minimal stroke contrast and the slanted form is an oblique rather than a true italic. The default double-story �a� and �g� give an academic touch, the single story versions of Set 1 are more friendly and approachable while Set 2 changes the look into something more scientific. Made with tireless attention to detail and kerning it's perfect for logotypes and extensive text, supports multiple languages and comes with a plethora of OpenType features including standard and discretionary ligatures, social icons, symbols, and multiple figure styles including roman numerals.

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