Evan Quest 2-DOGE

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Evan Quest 2-DOGE

Genre: Action
Developer: Archor Wright
Publisher: Archor Games
Language: English
Release Name: EVAN.QUEST.2-DOGE
Size: 5.5 GB

Release Description

Bad Dudes have taken over the city again. The DoD sends in Evan Quest to stop them.
Clear the Bad Dudes from several progressively challenging levels.
Use Your various combat skills in Combinations.


You can quickly switch between the Combat Skills while fighting this will give You an advantage.
You can use Your 'Locking On' Skill on Enemies for better accuracy.
Sometimes, If You approach an Enemy from behind, You can get a 'Sneak Attack' Kill
If Your health starts getting too low, back away from the fight for a few seconds and it will start restoring.
If You get knocked out, You will respawn in a few seconds.

*** Mature Content Warning : This Combat-Brawler type game sometimes has depictions of extreme violence, such as breaking bones and death blows during the fight scenes. ***

*** Challenges ***

"Easter Egg" Challenge - How many Archor Games Logos Appear in the Game ?
"Speed Run" Challenge - What is the Fastest Time You can Complete the Game ?
"Walk Don't Run" Challenge - Only Walk (No Sprinting) for the Entire Game and Post Your Full Video online.
"Gotta Catch 'Em All" Challenge - Kill every Bad Dude in the entire Game (Some are in the less traveled areas of the levels). - How Many Bad Dudes are there Total ?
"Be Kind, Rewind" Challenge - Face The Camera backwards ONLY for the entire game.
Evan the Adventurer Challenge - Explore every inch of the entire map on each game level.
"Musically Challenged" Challenge - Some Levels have more than one Music Track, How Many Tracks Total are in the entire game ?
"No Skills to Pay the Bills" Challenge - Don't use any Combat Skills during the Entire Game. (This will be very, very hard)
"#KobayashiMaru" Challenge - Don't Jump, Don't Lock-on, Don't use Combat Skills, Walk Only, No Running, No Blocking, No Sneak Attacks.
(Basically You can only Move and use the 'Hit' Button and nothing else.)
** Warning : It will be really hard to play the game this way and may get frustrating at times. **
"The Search For Fran" Challenge - How many Places do You see "The Search For Fran" in the Game ?
"Steamy Streamer" Challenge - Get ALL of the Archor Games products available on Steam and Stream ALL of them Beginning to End.




OS: 10


OS: 10

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