SearchWP v4.0.29 - The Best WordPress Search Plugin You Can Find - NULLED + SearchWP Add-Ons

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SearchWP v4.0.29 - The Best WordPress Search Plugin You Can Find - NULLED + SearchWP Add-Ons

Size: 8 Mb

Instantly Improve WordPress Search. Finely tuned search results based on your content. SearchWP Premium Add-Ons: SearchWP bbPress Integration v1.3.1 | SearchWP BigCommerce Integration v1.0.0 | SearchWP Boolean Query v1.4.1 | SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration v1.2.0 | SearchWP Custom Results Order v1.3.3 | SearchWP Diagnostics v1.5.1 | SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration v1.7.0 | SearchWP EDD Integration v1.1.0 | SearchWP Enable Media Replace v1.1.2 | SearchWP Exclude UI v1.2.1 | SearchWP Fuzzy Matches v1.4.4 | SearchWP Nimble Builder Integration v1.0.0 | SearchWP Give Integration v1.1.0 | SearchWP HeroThemes Integration v1.2.0 | SearchWP LIKE Terms v2.4.6 | SearchWP Live Ajax Search v1.4.6.1 | SearchWP Manage Ignored v1.0.0 | SearchWP Meta Box Integration v1.0.0 | SearchWP Metrics v1.3.2 | SearchWP Polylang Integration v1.3.2 | SearchWP PrivateContent Integration v1.3.0 | SearchWP Redirects v1.4.0 | SearchWP Related v1.4.3 | SearchWP Shortcodes v1.7.0 | SearchWP Dutch Stemmer v1.2.4 | SearchWP German Stemmer v1.0.2 | SearchWP Greek Stemmer v1.0.2 | SearchWP Swedish Stemmer v2.0.2 | SearchWP Term Highlight v2.1.14 | SearchWP Term Archive Priority v1.2.1 | SearchWP Term Synonyms v2.4.14 | SearchWP WooCommerce Integration v1.3.9 | SearchWP WP Document Revisions Integration v1.1.0 | SearchWP WP Job Manager Integration v1.5.15 | SearchWP WPML Integration v1.6.6 | SearchWP Xpdf Integration v1.2.0

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