Success with Finishing (Success with Woodworking)

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Success with Finishing (Success with Woodworking)

Mark Cass | English | 2006 | ISBN: 1861084269 | 177 pages | Scan PDF | 104 MB

(!) NOTE: THIS BOOK IS SCANNED! Reason why I post it is that you`ll not find this book in digital version, so that`s the only way to get a copy of it for sanet users. (Rules don`t allow scanned books anymore to be posted here on SA, except some cases like that).

Good finishing can be the key to a successful woodworking job, and fortunately it’s a task that anyone can master. All that’s required is simple equipment and a solid understanding of the basics—which this fully-illustrated guide, with 200 color photos and easy-to-follow instructions, provides. Whether you’re considering a full grain French polish or a quick and easy wipe-on, you’ll find advice here on what’s suitable for any particular piece. A general review features a technical description of each main finish and information on the best methods of application, while coverage of preparation encompasses everything from safety considerations to stripping the wood. The step-by-step projects include almost every imaginable style.

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