The Illustrated Professional Woodworker: Tools, Picture Framing, Joinery, Home Maintenance, Furniture Repair, With Expert Advic

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Stephen Corbett | 2006 | ISBN: 1846810485 | 514 pages | Scan PDF | 148 MB

(!) NOTE: THIS BOOK IS SCANNED! REASON WHY I POST IT IS THAT YOU`LL NOT FIND THIS BOOK IN DIGITAL VERSION, SO THAT`S THE ONLY WAY TO GET A COPY OF IT FOR SANET USERS. (Rules don`t allow scanned books anymore to be posted here on SA, except some cases like that)

Step-by-step photographs and clear, easy-to-follow instructions take you through all the basic and advanced woodworking techniques you need.There is advice on finishing wood, varnishing and French polishing, and professional tips on repairing chairs, tables, cabinets and chests. Guidance on essential home maintenance and DIY tasks is included, from rehanging and repairing doors and windows to fitting fixtures and shelves. Full-length practical projects include a quick-to-make magazine rack, an elegant low ash table, and a reclaimed wood picture frame. This is a complete home reference manual that you will refer to again and again.

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