Alan Stivell - CD Story (2006)

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Alan Stivell - CD Story (2006)

Album Preview
2006 | MP3 320 Kbps / FLAC (tracks) | Folk, Rock, Celtic | Label: Mercury Records | 01:04:00 | 170 / 429 MB


01. Sally Free And Easy
02. Reflets
03. Tenval An Deiz
04. Silvestrig
05. Je Suis Ne Au Milieu De La Mer
06. Suite Irlandaise
07. Marv Pontkalleg
08. Suzy Mc Guire
09. Can Y Melinydd
10. An Hani A Garan
11. An Dro (Nevez)
12. Dans Fisel: Gavotenn Ar Menez / An Sagart Cheolnhar
13. Bal Fisel
14. Telenn Gwad
15. Tha Mi Sgith
16. An Durzhunel
17. Kost Ar C'Hoad
18. The King Of The Fairies
19. Tri Martolod
20. Suite Sudarmoricaine

Alan Stivell (born Alan Cochevelou on 6 January 1944) is a Breton and Celtic musician and singer, recording artist, and master of the Celtic harp. From the early 1970s, he revived global interest in the Celtic (specifically Breton) harp and Celtic music as part of world music.[1] As a bagpiper and bombard player, he modernized traditional Breton music and singing in the Breton language. He was the precursor of Celtic rock. He is inspired by the union of the Celtic cultures and is a staunch defender of the Breton culture.

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