All About History - Issue 69, 2018

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All About History - Issue 69, 2018

English | PDF | 100 pages | 33.3 MB

Crusader Kings
From Richard the Lionheart to Baldwin the Leper King, the ‘holy’ warriors that forged an empire in the Middle East

China’s Pirate Queen
Ching Shih’s rise from prostitute to swashbuckler of the South China Sea

Identifying Jack the Ripper
How the Victorian murderer fuelled forensic crime scene investigation

Fantastic Flying Machines
From hot air balloons to the Wright Flyer, how early aviators conquered the skies

Rebel Celts
9 Barbarians that resisted Roman occupation

Charge of the Rough Riders
In-depth look at Theodore Roosevelt’s cowboy cavalry victory at San Juan Hill

Mansa Musa: History’s Richest Man
The 14thcentury African king whose wealth has never has never been matched

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