Square Saw Sound VC-SSS-3 KONTAKT

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Square Saw Sound VC-SSS-3 KONTAKT

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The EMS VCS3 is a legendary synthesizer that became renowned for creating otherworldly sound effects. This made the VCS3 the perfect instrument for sci-fi soundtracks and early experimental electronic music. Notable users include Brian Eno, ELO, Hawkwind, Jean Michel-Jarre, King Krimson, Kraftwerk, Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The VCS3 (also known as the ‘Putney’) is an analog monosynth housed in a distinctive wooden case. The VCS3 (Voltage Controlled Studio version 3) was first produced in 1969 and was one of the first synthesizers produced by EMS. The VCS3 was also one of the first portable, commercially available synthesizers.

The VCS3 was capable of producing Subtractive and FM Synthesis. It featured 3 x Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO’s) with the third oscillator acting as an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator.) The VCS3 has a flexible, semi-modular voice architecture that is controlled using a unique matrix-based patch system. There is also a joystick controller for changing assignable parameters during performance. The VCS3 featured a Noise Generator, 2 Input Amplifiers, 1 Ring Modulator, 1 x Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF), 1 Trapezoid Envelope Generator, 1 x Voltage Controlled Spring Reverb and 2 Stereo Output Amplifiers.

The VC-SSS-3 Sample Library contains 3 x Kontakt Instruments
There are a total of 207 multi-sampled “patches.” Each patch has been created by carefully sampling the EMS VCS3 at various pitches across several octaves. The VC-SSS-3 can be played Polyphonically, which is something that was not possible on the original, Monophonic EMS VCS3.

Loop Machine
The Loop Machine contains 248 looped sequences. Each sequence has been stretched across the keyboard from C1 to G8 and has been ‘Beat Machined’ to allow all sequences to be played in sync with the tempo of your host DAW.

SFX are a collection of 412 one-hit and looped sound effects and ambiences perfect for creating soundscapes and special effects. There are 4 ‘banks’ of SFX. The first two banks “DELIA SFX BANK A” and “DELIA SFX BANK B” were created using patches inspired by Delia Derbyshire’s original ‘dope sheets’ and recording notes from some of her personal patches for the EMS VCS3. Delia Derbyshire was an English musician and composer of electronic music. She is best known for her pioneering work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop during the 1960’s, particularly her electronic arrangement for the British science-fiction television series, Doctor Who. The last two banks of SFX are original Square Saw Sound samples of the EMS VCS3.

The Kontakt Instrument Features
The instruments utilise Kontakt's effects to offer a wide range of options for sculpting and manipulating the raw sounds. Each instrument has filter, envelope and LFO controls as well as portamento and a white noise generator. There is a collection of modulation effects such as vibrato, tremolo, autopan, chorus, phaser and flanger as well as several distortion and saturation effects. Further ambience and filtering can be added with the speaker cabinet, delay and convolution reverb, which contains impulse responses of real plates, springs, halls and special fx. Last but not least, there is a built in arpeggiator with a 32 step velocity sequencer.

Main Edit Panel Features
- Multi Filter (LPF / BPF /HPF)
- ADSR Amplitude Envelope
- Multi Filter ADSR Envelope
- Pitch Envelope
- Multi Wave LFO (controls filter freq. cutoff)
- LFO controlling the Multi Filter ‘Type’
- Vibrato / Auto Panner / Tremolo
- DBD Envelope
- Limiter
- Stereo Width Control
- Tape Saturation
- Portamento

Effects Edit Panel Features
- Chorus
- Phaser
- Delay
- Flanger
- Lo-Fi / Bit Crusher + Noise Generator
- Rotary
- Parallel Compressor
- Tube Drive
- Convolution Reverb
- Speaker Cabinets + Preamp Drive (Distortion)


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