DreamCalc Professional Edition 4.10.2 + Portable

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DreamCalc Professional Edition 4.10.2 + Portable | 24.15 MB

The Ultimate Windows - Scientific Calculator Replacement.. DreamCalc is a slick Scientific Graphing Calculator application that's so realistic — it dispenses with the need for a hand-held calculator altogether.

- It Feels Real! Get the intuitive feel and productivity of a real calculator.
- Graph Functions and Plot Data in seconds.
- Fully featured range of math, scientific & statistical functions. Supports natural fractions, complex numbers, base-n logic, unit conversions and a powerful polynomial solver. Over 260 functions!
- DreamCalc offers comprehensive support for financial calculations, including amortization, bond price, YTM, MIRR, IRR, NPV, depreciation and annual rate calculations.
- Lost your old calculator? Miss using postfix algebraic or RPN input? No problem! DreamCalc supports all common input forms, including modern prefix and classic postfix algebraic, as well as Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).

What's New in Version 4.10.2:

New Features
- DreamCalc now provides "key a focus" input mode allowing full navigation of the keypad without a mouse. Press TAB to toggle key focus mode, and the use arrow keys to move focus. Existing key stroke inputs are unchanged.

Minor Changes
- CODATA constants updated to 2014 values.
- Default display precision changed to 15 digits.
- Bug fix - The polynomial solver returned incorrect result (failed to converge) given specific input values. Resolved.
- Bug fix - The result of the REM (remainder) function in base-N mode was being incorrectly rounded down. Resolved.
- Updates to the user guide.
- A minor tweak to assist integration with Fastspring sales platform.


DreamCalc Professional Edition 4.10.2 + Portable

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