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  • byoosh

    Portable FShooter 2.0.7

    Portable FShooter 2.0.7|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|11.1 mb

    This is old-school tool for taking screenshots without bloatware features, simple as life, light as air.

  • byoosh

    Portable Imo

    Portable Imo|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|41.6 mb

    Imo Messenger for Windows is a popular online instant messaging cellphone app that enables you to chat with your friends, make free video calls, exchange images and photos.

  • byoosh

    Portable HaoZip

    Portable HaoZip|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|52.5 mb

    Similar to WinRar and WinZip, HaoZip is a powerful tool designed to help you extract content from archives and compress files while optimizing size. The app is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface. Thanks to the Explorer-based layout, you can easily locate and access items for processing, after viewing their name, size, type and date of modification.

  • byoosh

    Portable Proxy Switcher PRO

    Portable Proxy Switcher PRO|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|22.3 mb

    Proxy Switcher manage and switch between multiple proxy types (SOCKS, PAC, and Direct) with profile support.

  • byoosh

    Portable Image Rescue

    Portable Image Rescue|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|40.8 mb

    The Image Rescue 5 Software from Lexar reliably recovers photos and select video files from any memory card. It automatically updates to ensure compatibility with current operating systems.

  • byoosh

    Portable Drive SnapShot

    Portable Drive SnapShot|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|18.5 mb

    Drive Snapshot creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file, including the operating system, installed programs, your data and all security attributes - while windows is running and you continue to work.

  • byoosh

    Portable Saint Paint Studio 18.1

    Portable Saint Paint Studio 18.1|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|19.9 mb

    Saint Paint is the ideal paint package for creating and editing True Colour, 256 colour, 16 colour, and Monochrome graphics, and animating in any mode or combination of modes, with AVI editing support.

  • byoosh

    Portable All2Txt 3.2

    Portable All2Txt 3.2|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|14.5 mb

    All2TXT software can extract simple-text from pdf, doc, rtf, ppt, xls, htm, hlp files, it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office software. It processes at very high speed and you can convert a lot of files once time!
    I don’t know if the program will come in handy, but I really liked it.

  • byoosh

    Portable Alive Organizer

    Portable Alive Organizer|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|42.4 mb

    Alive Organizer is a powerful system allowing you to manage your personal information, schedule tasks, maintain your address book, write and publish your blog and much more.

  • byoosh

    Portable Recover Keys

    Portable Recover Keys|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|49.4 mb

    Recover Keys is a useful tool for Windows users who have mislaid some of the activation keys for the software that they have installed on their computer. The software can access the software keys for up to 6,500 different applications that run under Windows.

  • byoosh

    Portable Find It PRO 5.4.04

    Portable Find It PRO 5.4.04|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|67.9 mb

    FIND-IT, the ultimate file finding machine with 'preferrence' for complex full text retrival ! Any search for files on your disc(s), no matter if by name, size, date or any other criteria, will be performed fast, comfortably and reliably.

  • byoosh

    Portable Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.20.1

    Portable Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.20.1|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|61.3 mb

    Duplicate Cleaner is a useful program to help you organize the contents of your home hard drive or corporate network.

  • byoosh

    Portable Screen Grabber Pro 1.4.1

    Portable Screen Grabber Pro 1.4.1|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|39.5 mb

    Screen Grabber is a professional video recorder that can record any on-screen activities on your computer desktop. No matter it's a streaming video, gameplay, video chat, business demo, webinar, podcast, etc., you can capture any moment the way you prefer!

  • byoosh

    Portable Directory List and Print 4.28 Business

    Portable Directory List and Print 4.28 Business|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|51.6 mb

    Directory List & Print is a software tool for Windows and enables listing and printing the content of any directory in a simplest way.

    4.28 Business

    Portable Directory List and Print 4.28 Business

  • byoosh

    Portable Alive Address Book 1.9

    Portable Alive Address Book 1.9|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|23.8 mb

    Alive Address Book is a sterling electronic address book.

  • byoosh

    Portable XRECODE 3 v.1.119

    Portable XRECODE 3 v.1.119|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|63.4 mb

    XRECODE3 is audio converter, which supports most of the common audio formats, such as mp3, wav, flac, dsd, etc. It also supports extracting audio file from most video files as well as Audio-CD grabbing. Command Line parameters are supported.

  • byoosh

    Portable WinTopo Pro

    Portable WinTopo Pro|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|47.5 mb

    WinTopo Raster to Vector Converter

  • byoosh

    Portable 4K Tokkit

    Portable 4K Tokkit|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|141 mb

    4K Tokkit is the ultimate application for mass TikTok content download. Save TikTok challenges, captions, whole accounts, hashtags, and single videos in high quality. Watch TikToks offline, browse your TikTok feed without ads, repost clips to other social networks.

  • byoosh

    Portable Digimizer 6.3.0

    Portable Digimizer 6.3.0|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|64.1 mb

    Digimizer is an easy-to-use and flexible image analysis software package that allows precise manual measurements as well as automatic object detection with measurements of object characteristics. Pictures may be X-rays, micrographs, etc. Supported file formats are JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, WMF, EMF and DICOM files. Images can be rotated, flipped or straightened. Image brightness and contrast can be adjusted. Several filters can be applied.

  • byoosh

    Portable MyBusinessCatalog Platinum Multilingual

    Portable MyBusinessCatalog Platinum Multilingual|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|81.4 mb

    MyBusinessCatalog is a product catalog and price list maker software.
    Create your own PDF and HTML product catalog, Price list Android

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