Genetic And Genomic Counseling In Health And Disease

Genetic And Genomic Counseling In Health And Disease

Published 2/2023
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Genetic Testing & Counselling for Patients, Families and Clinicians to Diagnose, Prevent & Manage Hereditary Disorders

What you'll learn
What is Genetic Counseling and Who requires Genetic Counseling
Role of Genetic Counseling/Counselor in today’s Health Care setting
Clear understanding about application of Basic Genetic Principles to Health needs
Relevance of Genomics and Epigenomics in Medicine
Difference between Genetic Testing and Counseling
Importance of Genetic Counseling/Counselors for equitable Health Care

Degree in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Microbiology, Genetics or Biochemistry
General Awareness about Communication skills and Psychology

Hello,Welcome to the course on Genetic Counseling!In this course individuals will be able to learn about the basics of Genetics and its application to Counseling, they will also be exposed to both Genetic and Genomic tests and their role in present day Healthcare. They will get a clear understanding about the role of Genetic Counseling in different Medical Specialties, which affect patients/families and how this information will empower them to make informed decisions regarding their Medical Conditions.This course has various clinical and family scenarios on different types of disorders, for example in the pediatric age group, during reproductive period and those which have an adult onset. Students will learn about personalized medicine, targeted therapy in cancer and also hereditary cancer syndromes.The students will realize the importance of Genetic Counseling in testing and managing both Common and Rare Disorders in the Era of Genomics and easily available Assisted Reproductive Techniques.I welcome learners from different backgrounds to enroll for this course which will make them realize that “Ignorance is no Bliss” and Genetic Counseling equips you with knowledge to help patients, families, communities and the world at large to take informed decisions about their Medical, Life Style and Reproductive needs.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basics of Genetics, Heredity and Variation

Lecture 3 Inheritance and Pedigree

Lecture 4 Cytogenetics - Still a Relevant Test

Lecture 5 Advanced Cytogenetic Techniques

Lecture 6 Molecular Techniques

Lecture 7 Methylation & Genomic Imprinting

Lecture 8 Sex Determination & X Inactivation

Lecture 9 Human Genome Project

Lecture 10 Genetic Counseling: Many Hats Worn by a Counselor

Lecture 11 Genetic Testing & Counseling in Present Healthcare

Lecture 12 Genetic Testing & Counseling in Cancer

Lecture 13 Genetic Testing & Counseling in Cardiac Disease

Lecture 14 Personalized Medicine

Lecture 15 Genetic Testing & Counseling in Reproductive Medicine

Lecture 16 Genetic Screening and Diagnosis

Lecture 17 Cascade testing and Genetic Counseling

Lecture 18 Genetics and Sports

Lecture 19 Ethics in Genetic Counseling

Lecture 20 Psychosocial Issues in Genetic Counseling

Clinicians of different specialties,MSc/Phd in any Life Sciences especially Genetics,Students of Medical/Life Science(MBBS, BSc/MSc Nursing,Biotechnology,Genetics),Health Care Policy Makers/Public Health professionals,Psychology and Social Work Aspirants,Faculty from different branches of Health Sciences/Pharma


Genetic And Genomic Counseling In Health And Disease


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