Introduction To Ancestral Healing

Introduction To Ancestral Healing

Last updated 2/2022
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Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

What you'll learn
To identify ancestral patterns
To connect with ancestral guides for guidance
To learn to make detailed family tree or xenogram
To do guided meditation for self- ancestral healing
To learn to heal ancestral patterns for money, relationships and health

A notebook solely for the purpose of journaling Ancestral Healing sessions and practices

This course covers the signs and symptoms of having ancestral trauma. It also aims at providing necessary information regarding the types of ancestors and how to identify them. From understanding the trauma to activity healing them, a guided meditation brings all together so that learners can do self-healing. For professional healers, therapists and doctors, it provides an extra edge to their knowledge of hereditary aspect of the ailments at hand. There are activities that will help to consciously connect with your ancestors. With simple steps,the guided meditation and a little digging into the past, learners will able to find the starting point of the trauma and find emotional, physical and mental correlation between the past and the present.There is description of common health ailments that are testament to running themes of trauma in the ancestry. Insight into hereditary diseases and their root cause are also explored in the sections. While practising ancestral healing for clients and others, it is paramount to be grounded and so the later sections talk about the boundaries one has to maintain as a client, as a therapist or healer and as a descendant when an ancestor approaches.Every step of the way remember that healing is a journey, and so you may have to keep coming back to this course to unravel more. So stay connected.

Section 1: Introduction to Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

Lecture 1 SECTION -I

Section 2: Section -II

Lecture 2 SECTION-II

Section 3: SECTION_III

Lecture 3 Section-III

Section 4: SECTION-IV

Lecture 4 DNA transfromation and case history format

Section 5: SECTION-V

Lecture 5 Guidelines on dealing with ancestral karma of clients

For nurses, doctors and medical professionals who want to delve into the psychological aspect of the issue and also to tackle the hereditary issues,Psychologists and mental health professionals who want to find the root cause of the predispositions and clear it,For anyone who is trying to establish themselves in their career or life but is facing intense challenges,Becoming financially secure is costing energy and testing patience.,Grappling with fear of failure or fear of sucess,Wants to live a healthy life despite having heart ailments, history of asthma, skin issues, diabetes, mental health issues and b.p. fluctuations in the family,Physiotherapists who want to help their patients heal faster and tackle pain of healing effectively.


Introduction To Ancestral Healing


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