Prenatal Yoga. The Sacred Connection Between Mum & Baby

Prenatal Yoga. The Sacred Connection Between Mum & Baby

Published 2/2023
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An introduction to Yoga during Pregnancy. Available for 2nd and 3rd Trimesters.

What you'll learn
Finding the connection to yourself and your baby/babies.
Embracing your new body and letting go of all expectations.
This practice gives us the opportunity to breath into a deeper space within whilst silencing the mind.
Learning to live in the moment, giving yourself the chance to feel good, enjoying each day individually.
A combination of asana, pranayama and relaxation techniques, specifically modified for pregnancy.
Bringing you to a stage of balance, Self-awareness, physical strength and mental peace.
Yoga brings calm, strength and balance to the journey of pregnancy.
Providing union within, with our Supreme Self.
Yoga provides the time you deserve to enjoy the creation of life.
Learn to listen to yourself, how to be safe when you practice and how to choose a gentle practice instead of an intense one, if and when needed.
Helps to maintain good physical health, to avoid the regular daily discomforts during pregnancy.
Brings strength to the body, preparing the body for labour.
Creates space for the internal organs and for the baby to grow comfortable and healthy.
Works specifically on the pelvic area, improving the muscle tone and developing awareness of the area for labour.
Improves chest opening, which increases energy and breath.
Improves circulation and prevents swollen legs and ankles.
Helps the lymphatic endocrine system.
Helps to reduce tiredness.
Helps to bring back the balance to your life through this big hormonal change.
Brings a connection for you and baby/babies before they are born: mentally and physically, creating a union.
Helps to find mental balance, using Visualization, meditation and deep relaxation to work on the subconscious to help you find peace of mind.
The yoga practice during pregnancy teaches us how to take a pause sometimes.
Pregnancy yoga helps you to adjust your life, starting a new healthy routine. For you and baby/babies.

Must first Check with your Doctor if it is safe for you to practice Yoga whilst you are pregnant.
Equipment (optional): Bolsters, Blocks, Strap, Pillows, Blankets, Eye Mask.

Hello, My name is Letitia, I am a mum of two babies.I created this course to help and nurture the real benefits for every woman that is going through the process of pregnancy.In this course you will learn poses and techniques effective for the pregnant woman in order to foster the feeling of lightness.For me Yoga has changed my life, for the better.During my pregnancy I discovered just how important it is to have a practice before, during and after.I went through the losses and the gains the emotional ups and downs, acceptance of the new and more.Ultimately bringing gratitude, love, peace, joy and happiness into my life and my pregnancy which I am so incredibly grateful for.As learning to live in the moment gave myself the chance to feel good, to enjoy each day individually.This practice also gives us the opportunity to breath into a deeper space within whilst silencing the mind.That is why I feel it is important to share with you beginner prenatal yoga tips to help you during your pregnancy.Finding the connection to yourself and your baby/babies. Embracing your new body and letting go of all expectations.You are the driver of this beautiful vehicle that is the portal for another soul to enter this planet.It is time to take your body into your own hands.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to The Sacred Connection

Section 2: Yoga Classes

Lecture 2 Opening & Flexibility Deep Stretch

Lecture 3 Spine Flexibility & Chest Opener

Lecture 4 Grounding, Balancing and Core

Lecture 5 Traditional Prenatal Yoga Class

Lecture 6 Special - Prenatal Yoga For Sciatica

Lecture 7 Restorative - Pregnancy Yoga Nidra

Lecture 8 Restorative - Savasana

Lecture 9 Arm Workout

Lecture 10 Bum & Legs Yoga Workout

Section 3: Breathing Techniques

Lecture 11 Alternate Nostril (Nadi Shodhana Pranayama)

Lecture 12 Square Breathing (Samavritti Pranayama)

Lecture 13 Sound Breathing

Lecture 14 Calming Breathing

Section 4: Tips and Talks

Lecture 15 Mudras during pregnancy to prepare your Pelvic Floor and Perineum for Birth.

Lecture 16 7 Bad Daily Habits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Lecture 17 Expectations

Lecture 18 Fear

Lecture 19 Gratitude

Lecture 20 Trust

Pregnant Women who would like to continue practicing whilst they are pregnant.,Wants to develop a deeper connection with their baby/babies.,Craves to move their body and reduce discomfort as they get heavier whilst the baby/babies grow.,Feels stressed, anxious and nervous about birth. Wants to find a way to quiet the mind and be calm.,Looking for a course that can be practiced throughout the pregnancy.,Practices Traditional Yoga.


Prenatal Yoga. The Sacred Connection Between Mum & Baby


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