LogTail 3.13 MAS

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LogTail 3.11 MAS

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A Local and Remote Real-Time Log Viewing and Monitoring Application for Mac OS X. LogTail is a modern Document-based Cocoa App for macOS (10.10+) to view and monitor log files on your local system and on remote servers over SSH.

It allows you to set up filter and highlight rules that can be used to hide or colorize lines with matching search terms. This allows you to focus on the important data in your log files! You can also enable notifications to be alerted when matching text is found in the log file.

- Provides real-time monitoring of local and remote log files in a clean, uniform interface
- Supports automatic polling & manual refresh to get latest log file updates
- Document-based, so you can tail multiple local / remote files at once!
- Lot of handy features to give you the best log-viewing experience on the Mac!

In addition you can:
- Manage and browse remote SSH server hosts
- Bookmark and Search remote log files
- Share local log files as Mail message attachment or Messages instant message (or via AirDrop or add to Notes (Sharing toolbar item))

Automatic / Manual tailing
- Tail multiple local and remote log files log files at the same time in separate documents
- Automatic (polling-based) or manual tailing options
- Auto start / stop tail when scrolling up or down

Filter / Highlight lines
- Set up Filter and Highlight rules based on matching text
- Filter or hide lines containing search text
- Highlight lines by setting foreground and background colors
- Mark matching occurrences with Bold / Italic / Underline attributes

Bookmark log files
- Bookmark local and remote log files for easier future access
- Easily manage bookmarks from any open document

View Log files on Remote SSH servers

Add / Remote / Edit SSH server configuration details and verify connectivity!
- Organize servers into logical groups for easier identification
- Browse SSH servers in an easy-to-navigate multi-column browser view to select the log file to view
- Pin the login path to quickly start browsing from your commonly accessed remote folder

Share local log files
- Quickly share local log files by sending it as Email attachments, IMs or via AirDrop

Clear / Reload view
- Clear allows you to clear the view any time to view only the most recent log entries
- Reload entire log file to refresh the data if needed

Line wrapping
- Wrap long log lines to fit in view by toggling the line wrap button

Search files
- Supports incremental Forward and Backward searches
- Recent search history
- Search remote open log files!

Use custom font and view colors
- Change the default macOS system font to a custom font (e.g. monospace fonts like Menlo)
- Customize the view foreground and background colors!

Quick Highlight search
- Quick Highlight matches by double-clicking on a word or selecting some text
- Easily highlight occurrences of selected text without setting up a filter
- and more …handy shortcuts, Copy lines, Save remote files, Go to line etc. !

Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor.

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