DWG FastView 1.0 (x86/x64)


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DWG FastView 1.0 (x86/x64)
DWG FastView 1.0 (x86/x64) | 54.9/55.6 Mb
DWG FastView for Windows is an intuitive and user-friendly CAD program that you can use successfully even if you do not have relevant technical skills. The free CAD software features innovative drawing and viewing tools that simplify processes for you.

Using DWG FastView for Windows

When we launched the program, it displayed an almost bare user interface with only a few buttons on the upper left, upper right and lower right corners. Clicking the button on the upper left corner allowed us to open compatible files. We could open multiple drawings simultaneously, and the program responded pleasantly fast.

Each drawing had its tab on the upper part of the preview pane, which made it easy to switch from one to another on the same window. Alternatively, we could arrange the drawing windows to be simultaneously displayed on the preview pane.

The software allowed us to move drawings on the preview pane quickly and smoothly. We could easily switch between model and space layouts by clicking relevant tabs on the lower left part of the preview window.

We displayed different objects, including 3-D models and 2-D vector objects, meshes, surfaces, object information and attached drawing references. We could turn layers either off or on in addition to freezing, locking or unlocking them.

DWG FastView for Windows included traditional viewing and panning tools as well as an innovative magnifier tool that enabled us to zoom into required parts faster. The Clean Screen mode under the View menu allowed us to get full view of an image. While we had to make several clicks to zoom in using the conventional tools, the magnifier allowed us to zoom simply by pointing and clicking.

In the traditional approach, we needed to select the desired area and then specify the appropriate zoom level, which often required several mouse clicks while repeating processes. With the magnifier tool, we simply placed the cursor at a specific location and scrolled the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

The magnifier proved especially handy when viewing such large drawings as maps and surveys.


DWG FastView for Windows makes it easy and fast to view and plot drawings without the need of prior experience. It handles large drawings with satisfying speed. The free CAD software is compatible with .dwg/.dxf versions R14 to 2015, .dws drawing standard and .dwt drawing template formats.

• Free and easy to use
• Fast and accurate for large DWG files
• Functions: Preview, Plot, Zoom, Pan, Full-screen view, Magnifier, Multiple Document Interface etc.
• Supported file format: R14~R2015 DWG, DXF
• About Magnifier function: View drawing details or snap points without performing the traditional zoom in/out, pan or even regen commands on big drawings. Magnifier is also customizable.

New in version 1.0:
- official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64-Bit)


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