FMOD Studio 1.08.03 (x86/x64)

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FMOD Studio 1.08.03 (x86/x64)
FMOD Studio 1.08.03 (x86/x64) | 86.4/94.0 Mb
FMOD Studio is a full-featured game audio design utility that can assist designers in creating impressing and realistic sounds to integrate in complex game-related projects. Adopting a new approach to sound processing, it relies on generative audio delivering, in the attempt to build unique sounds that adapt to the in-game requirements.

Generate stunning sound systems for games or other apps

With a stylish interface and an organized layout, FMOD Studio enables you to create elaborate multi-track sound events and high-quality music that can really enhance the experience of a gamer or the final user of an application.

It features a rich and carefully-selected set of tools ready to help sound designers generate astonishing content without any programming knowledge. Furthermore, its live in-game support provides complete control over the sound mix in real-time, which enables you to generate a versatile music system with impressive audio effects.

Deliver impressing results by adjusting sound properties

FMOD Studio can work with common file formats, such as WAV, MP3, OGG, AIF, WMA, FLAC, AIFF and RAW. The application performs an analysis of each file placed in the 'Events' library, providing you with various properties to customize to your liking.

You can make fine adjustments to the volume and the pitch level, change the style of the distance attenuation curve, activate voice stealing (replacing an event with another, for instance, lowering music when a character is speaking), modify the event priority or apply reverb effects to audio signals.

Create responsive and interactive audio events for games

FMOD Studio is a great tool for professional sound designers and beginners alike, enabling them to combine and tweak the properties of multiple signals so as to obtain sounds that dynamically respond to in-game events.

The integrated mixer enables you to freely alter the order of the signal chain even in live mode, when FMOD Studio is connected to a game, while the built-in profiler helps you assess the performance of the entire sound system.

• Added new FMOD Studio Getting Started Guide. This can be opened via the Help > Getting Started Guide menu item.

• Added support for complex queries in the browser filter. You can now filter the events browser for events containing a particular parameter or effect, and filter the assets browser by audio file length. Filter suggestions have been added to the loupe menu.
• Added support for cooldown time for events. This is visible in the event macros deck. The cooldown time specifies the minimum time before another event of the same type can be played. This is useful for events that are triggered rapidly. This is set to zero (disabled) by default.
• Added an option to package a project or an individual profiler session to a zip file. Packages optionally include audio assets, profiler sessions and built banks. This can be initiated by from the File > Package Project... menu item to package an entire project, or via the Package Selection... context menu items for individual profiler sessions.
• Updated the AHDSR interface to include number boxes for each component. This makes it easier to edit components independently.
• Added support for bulk editing AHDSR values.
• Removed restrictions that prevent adding certain types of effects more than once to a given effect chain.
• Improved the accuracy of mouse selection in the profiler lifespans view. The selected lifespan will be drawn on top always.
• Added a context menu item to modify a snapshot's behavior after it has been created.
• Added an a build settings option to disable including audio file names within built banks.
• Added support for creating editable combo boxes via the scripting API. Setting the "isEditable" property to true will make it editable and the state can be queried via isEditable function.
• Added support to the scripting API to query if the operating system is Windows or Mac OSX. The studio.os.platform property will return either "win" or "mac" respectively.
• The user combo box of Perforce setting is now editable. This will allow users using the Helix Cloud to type in the desired user name.

• Fixed bulk edit not working correctly if the property is being modulated by more than one modulator.
• Fixed crash when validating project if the project contains Mixer View with events assigned to it.
• Fixed Audio Bin view allowing unsupported file types to be dragged in.
• Fixed shortcut key not working for Open in External Sample Editor.
• Fixed intermittent crash when dragging and dropping mixer input.
• Fixed programmer sound without a placeholder incorrectly setting the channel format to surround. Now defaults to mono.
• Fixed extended selection in Asset view not using the current after a "Open in Audio Bin" operation.
• Fixed the browser keyboard shortcuts for collapsing/expanding folders not working when the browser is in focus but an event editor is opened.
• Vertical markers in the multi-track editor fixed to align precisely with the parameter ruler markings.
• Fixed crash when attempting to drag and drop a folder from Finder onto the Asset view.
• Fixed crash when attempting to drag and drop audio assets between projects.
• This operation is not supported and user should instead use Finder or Windows Explorer to copy audio assets between projects.
• Reduced the jittering of panners when changing bus selection.
• Fixed platforms still appearing in the platforms list after being removed, when following a rename.
• Fixed auditioning UI not working for audio table.
• Fixed surround panner speakers being disabled after switching platforms.
• Fixed crash when pressing the delete key immediately after deleting an entry from the multisound playlist.
• Fixed new Perforce integration not populating the users combo box correctly on Mac due to differences in definition of newline on Mac and Windows.
• Fixed profiler levels graphs sometimes not resetting to zero properly.
• Fixed various minor errors and missing sections in FMOD Studio User Manual.
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit)


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