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IP-TV Player
IP-TV Player | 5.7 Mb
IP-TV Player - a high quality player for broadcasting live channels IP-TV. Individual settings for the channels, the ability to record the stream to a file. Supports TV format JTV, scheduling recording / viewing, writing background.

IP, it means only that you use this data transfer protocol (in this particular case, to transfer video content), but the entire system with the World Wide Web is not bound absolutely nothing. IPTV service provides you with your ISP, ie the company that carried you to the flat network cable (Ethernet) or established the ADSL-modem. IPTV like ordinary cable TV, only in the house, it does not come through a coaxial cable, and on the same channel as the internet (ADSL modem or Ethernet). If your ISP does not provide such a service or provide it only through a set-top box and does not publish a list of channels, the player you do not need.

IPTV is a broadcast channel (normally obtained from the satellites), mainly in the formats of MPEG2/MPEG4 the transport network provider, and then view on a computer or special set-top box (Set-Top Box).

Some providers use encryption flow to certain channels could be viewed only through the set-top box using an ID card or PIN code, a stream of player can not play. If the provider is selling a service only in conjunction with the prefix and encrypts channels, the player you will also be useless.

- Easy and rapid deployment of the network provider
- Show open (unencrypted) flows http, udp-multicast, etc. (Partial support for TV tuners via WDM-driver)
- Separate settings for channels
- The ability to record the stream to a file
- OSD (the information window at the bottom of the video window) - the volume and channel name, recording indicator
- A list of channels in the video window
- Control of the video from the keyboard (keys, see the brief help in the program)
- Support for TV programs in a format JTV (automatic downloading, unpacking, mapping, opportunity-export to HTML)
- Scheduler recording / viewing
- Background record of any number of channels (limited by the subscriber line)
- We do not provide IP-TV services, but only give you the player to use the service of your - provider
- Player is not intended for viewing Russian channels abroad online
- Player can not display encrypted (DRM, CAS) channels

New in version (April 10, 2016):
- fixes in the handler HLS (bypass error sequence-numbering, repetition of segments, errors http 4xx/5xx when downloading segments)

OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10


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