Quantum GIS 2.14.2 (x86/x64)

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Quantum GIS 2.14.2 (x86/x64)
Quantum GIS 2.14.2 (x86/x64) | 324/348 Mb
Quantum GIS provides you with a Geographic Information System (GIS) to help you quickly and easily create or just browse existing map data. The application also supports a wide array of vectors, rasters as well as database formats alongside GPS data such as waypoints.

Edit existing maps or create your own

The main objectives of this particular program revolve around various formats and projections of vector and raster direct viewing, spatial data mapping, interactive exploration, creation, editing, and analysis, map Internet publishing or adaptation for you very needs due to its expandable plugin-enabled framework.

Requires a little getting used to

Quantum GIS’ graphic user interface may seem a bit crowded on the first run and while it could be more simple, it would lose the interest of a more advanced user which is the perfect candidate for the tedious job of working with spatial data. Although it requires a certain level of know-how, Quantum GIS presents very detailed documentation to help you accomplish what you have planned.

Supports a large variety of map types

Once you have acquainted with Quantum GIS, you can start using its comprehensive set of tools to successfully manipulate formats such as PostGIS or SpatiaLite as well as virtually all the vector and raster formats supported by the OGR and GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) including ESRI shapefiles, GML (Geography Markup Language), MapInfo or SDTS.

Thorough editing tools put at your disposal

You can also perform on-the-fly reprojections, spatial bookmarks, feature labeling, vector diagram overlay, graticule layer, compose prints, identify features or edit attributes. With the help of the digitizing tools you can manage your vector features too. The field and raster calculator accompanied by the georeferencer plugin and the GPS tools also aid you in creating, editing as well as exporting your spatial data.

To sum it up

The bottom line is that Quantum GIS can prove to be a great set of tools as long as you want to learn a thing or two about GIS or you already posses the required knowledge. Its functionality and feature pack makes it stand out of the ever-growing crowd of software win this particular category and that is why the community appreciates it.

• Support for spatially enabled PostgreSQL tables using PostGIS
• Support for ESRI shapefiles and other vector formats support by the OGR library
• MapInfo files
• GRASS integration, including view, edit, and analysis
• On the fly projection of vector layers
• Map composer
• Identify features
• Display attribute table
• Select features
• Label features
• Persistent selections
• Save and restore projects
• Support for raster formats supported by the GDAL library
• Change vector symbology (single, graduated, unique value, and continuous)
• SVG markers symbology (single, unique value, and graduated)
• Display raster data such as digital elevation models, aerial photography or landsat imagery
• Change raster symbology (grayscale, pseudocolor and multiband RGB)
• Export to Mapserver map file
• Digitizing support
• Map overview
• Plugins
• Improved vector and attribute editing
• Improved measure tools with area measuring
• Attribute searching
• New legend structure
• Refactoring of API to allow the use of QGIS libraries in mapping applications
• Improved MapServer export tool
• Vector layer transparency and antialiasing
• GRASS support in all platforms
• Enhanced GRASS support and toolbox commands
• Enhanced vector editing, including copy, cut, paste, snapping and vertex editing
• Shapefile/OGR layer editing
• This is the change log for the next release of QGIS - version 2.14 ‘Essen’. Essen was the host city to our developer meet ups in October 2012 and 2014.
Long Term Release:
• This is a special release since it is designated an ‘LTR’ (Long Term Release). LTR releases will be supported with backported bug fixes for one year, and will be in permanent feature freeze (i.e. no new features will be added, only bug fixes and trivial updates). Note that we are in discussion to extend the term of our LTR releases to two years, but for technical reasons we will not do this until QGIS 3.2.
• The purpose of LTR releases is to provide a stable and less frequently changing platform for enterprises and organizations that do not want to deal with updating user skills, training materials etc. more than once per year. The success of the LTR is very much down to you, our beloved users - we need your support to help funding bug fixes and making sure in your support contracts with support providers specify that any bug fixes done on your behalf are applied to the LTR branch as well as our normal development branch.
• If an LTR is important to you, please consider also directly supporting the QGIS project, or encourage your commercial provider to use LTR as a basis for your enterprise solution so that everyone may benefit from a stable platform that is being continuously improved and refined. Note that for users and organizations that like to live on the frontier, our regular four monthly releases will continue unabated.
• New Features in QGIS 2.14 ‘Essen’
• If you are upgrading from QGIS 2.8 (our previous LTR version) you will find a great many new features in this release. We encourage you to peruse the changelogs for the intermediate non LTR 2.10 and 2.12 releases as this QGIS 2.14 includes all features published in those releases too. Note that 2.14 first enters the regular package repositories and will not immediately replace 2.8 in the LTR package repositories. That will happen when 2.16 is released.
• Qt 4.2.2 is required (comes with the installer package).
• The Expat XML Parser is required for the GPS plugin.
• The raster georeferencer plugin requires the GNU Scientfic Library (GSL).
• SQLite is always required.

OS: Windows All


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