SmartGit 7.0.3 Build 5185 with JRE and without JRE + Portable

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SmartGit 7.0.3 Build 5185 with JRE and without JRE + Portable

SmartGit 7.0.3 Build 5185 with JRE and without JRE + Portable | 81.7/11.9/75.9 Mb

SmartGit/Hg is a powerful tool for the developers who want to manage their source code by using Git or other versioning systems. This client software allows you to access the online repository, make changes and push new commits with minimum effort. Git is a widely used revision control system that allows programmers to efficiently manage the source code. One of its advantages is the ability to make modifications to a local repository and commit it when you have access to the source code.

This application is designed to provides access to the local repositories and facilitate the connection to the server that stores the project resources. Thus, you can pull content from the server, make modifications and choose the commits you want to push to the server.

The main window allows you to view the project structure and files in order to work with the source code. The program also includes a file comparison tool and the ability to merge files which come in handy when working with multiple versions.

Additional features include the ability to commit a part of a file and view the modifications made by other co-workers. You can also explore your code by launching the Git-Shell and opening it in Windows Explorer or a terminal window.

Although the package does not include a offline help file, you can get accustomed with the Git concepts and available commands by reading the online documentation. Moreover, the app provides step by step instructions for certain operations such as cloning a repository.

Overall, SmartGit/Hg is a valuable tool for programmers who use the Git, Mercurial or Subversion versioning systems. It can also work with multiple hosting providers such as GitHub, Bitbucket or Codebase which makes it easier to integrate in existing projects.

• Virtually all local working tree operations
• Status, diff, log
• Push, pull, fetch (for all protocols)
• Tag and branch management
• Merge, cherry-pick, rebase, revert, rebase
• Stash management
• Remotes management
• Submodule support
• Advanced SVN support (use SmartGit as SVN client)

Note: The application is free for non-commercial use only, without support from the developer's part.

New in version 7.0.3 Build 5185 (09/25/2015)

• Log, Save As: creates missing parent directory

• Atlassian Stash: for SSH clones pull requests might not show up

• authentication failures with http(s) simply failed instead of asking for credentials

• File name completion: possible internal error after deleting all text and then accepting the suggestion

• Executable configuration: internal error if git-gui.exe was specified instead of git.exe

• line comments were created with wrong text
• wording for 2FA dialog improved
• Log: possible internal error if repository had GitHub and Bitbucket remote and both hosting providers were configured

• underscores _ were rejected as token characters though valid

• Branches view: hosting provider icon did not show up reliable until resize
• Edit | Customize (Linux): table rows became too flat after changes
• Outgoing: title (count) was not properly updated when switching to bare or broken repository

• possible hang (jgit infinite loop)

• endless loop if updater temp directory could not be cleaned up
• Windows: update failed checking for read-only file system if SmartGit was installed in root directory (Java bug?)
• certain failures could produce tons of bug*.zip files

• Internet connection

OS: Windows 7 / 7 64-bit / 8 / 8 64-bit / 10 / 10 64-bit


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