Procreate markers and swatches - 6520337

Procreate markers and swatches - 6520337

Brushset | 10 Mb


Markers brushes for Procreate included: • 4 different marker brushes (with intensity levels type, the dependence of color saturation on the force of pressing, 3 textures and 2 type of nib shapes) • 1 liner brush • 1 paper texture brush • 14 swatches with COPIC color scheme palette (chromatic colors and gray tone colors) • 2 stamps brush for coloring scheme creating
Markers brushes good for digital sketching in Procreate on iPad, coloring books, kids drawing.
You will receive: 1 brushset file, 14 swathces files (NOTE: for Procreate version 4.0 or earlier brushset is not available)
How Installing Procreate Brushes (.brush and brushset) Use this option if you have an older iPad or Procreate version 4.0 or earlier. Here''s how:
1.Download folder .brush file to your folder on your iPad
2.Open the folder and choose .brush files
3.Tap and hold with your finger or apple pencil
4.Choose "Share" from the menu
5.If the option "Open in Procreate" is missing, click on "More"
6.Scroll and find the option "Open in Procreate" and click on it
Open your project in Procreate and click on brush icon at the top right corner

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