How to Build an IT Department: From Chaos to Continual System Improvement

How to Build an IT Department: From Chaos to Continual System Improvement
English | ISBN: 1980925771 | 321 pages | EPUB | June 14, 2018 | 3.03 Mb

Executive Overview of What it takes to build and run an Information Technology Department correctly. High level overview for the aspiring CIO/CTO or for any Executive that really wants to know what happens in a managed Information Technology Department. Nothing technical to learn - How to Build an IT Department is more about management and leadership. Perfect for the CEO, CFO and other C-Levels. I have been tasked with improving and running IT operations for the private sector, city, county, and state governments for over twenty years. I have consulted many small to medium businesses along the way. I have yet to come upon an organization that could not use improvement in their IT operation. This book reveals methods and tactics to improve IT across the organization, align IT with leadership’s vision, and create a fundamental IT foundation that allows for flexibility far into the future. Improving or introducing IT into an organization must have executive level sponsorship and support. Understanding that IT operations reflects the entire organizations operation efficiency (or lack thereof). While the goal might be to improve IT, the real goal will be to improve the entire business, and while IT will get better, so will every aspect of the organization undergoing IT transformation. This book will show step by stem all the deliverables needed to successfully implement or restructure any business or government’s IT department. From vision to understanding the business. Understanding stakeholders, building the team, gap analysis, tactical execution, infrastructure and governance. This book covers it all from beginning to continual system improvement, and much more. You will get a better ideas of how much IT should cost, and how to calculate true ROI from you IT investment. Readers will learn there is intrinsic value in IT often not captured, like taking advantage of the value of data and predictive analytics. IT is far more than the computer repairperson. IT is deeply entrenched in the strategy of any organization up to the highest levels. How to Build an IT Department will show how IT is much more than most executives think. The CIO and CTO are strategic partners who should have as equal if not greater presence in the boardroom as the CFO, HR, and CMO. IT knows more about how and why the business operates than nearly any other C-level position in the room and now is the time to take advantage in the wealth of knowledge existing in IT.

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