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Python 3 Programming for Beginners: The Beginner's Guide for Learning How to Code in Python

Python 3 Programming for Beginners: The Beginner's Guide for Learning How to Code in Python

English | June 4, 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B37PNJ5H | 141, 159 pages | EPUB, PDF (converted) | 4.82 Mb

Curious about how Programming works?
Well, the Internet is formed of many, many interconnected computer networks. The Python Programming Book for Beginners is designed for everyone who is willing to learn about all of the great stuff Programming, Computers and the Internet has to offer.

You'll learn all the fundamental elements you need to know about computer programming from this book. You'll become extremely familiar with terms like Variables, Functions, Data Structures (Lists, Tuples Dictionaries, Sets), Object Oriented Programming (Classes, Methods, Getters & Setters, Inheritance), Modules, Files, Exceptions, Image Processing, GUI, Scripting.
Who is this book for?
If you are
A student that needs to pass an exam
An IT Specialist that wants to expand his knowledge and expertise
A beginner in IT, curios about Programming (as a hobby or as a future job opportunity)

Then this book is for you!

Once you go through this book, you'll be able to understand the basics and the basics of Python programming. Practically you will be able to create your programs and will be ready to begin to dive deeper into programming concepts. After finishing the book I recommend you start solving problems, to help you become an even better programmer so that you can get a job in IT (in the country or abroad) whenever you want.
What will you learn from this book?
The book contains 8 chapters that will teach you, step by step, how to be successful at Programming with Python.
Let me show you some of the things you will learn here
What does the IT industry look like and what are the trends
What can you do with Python
How to start programming in Python in just 10 minutes (installation and creating your first program)
Using variables in Python
Syntax and programming elements in Python
Using conditional statements (if, for, while, switch)
Using functions in Python (void, return, and recursive)
Fundamentals of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) by using Classes, Methods, Getters & Setters, Inheritance
Working with modules
Working with files and exceptions in Python
Data structures used to create different algorithms
Creating your own small applications (as scripts) such as Calendar Generator, Image Manipulator, Line Drawer, and more
Practical examples included in each topic
You will also get recommended exercises at the end of each chapter

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