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Allegorithmic Substance Designer

Allegorithmic Substance Designer | 356.4 MB
Substance Designer is a node-based texture compositing tool that allows you to create Substance files or bitmap textures. You can use it to texture assets and also bake model information (ex: normal, displacement, curvature etc.). It contains a wide library of tools, materials and procedural effects to help you achieve your goals in a fully non-destructive workflow.

[Engine] New Curve Node
[Engine] New Text Node
[Engine] 16f/32f bit depth compositing
[Engine] instancing for GPU FX-maps
[Engine] Add log2 function
[Bakers] 8k map baking
[Bakers] Bake by Material / "Texture Set"
[Bakers] Display loading message when the bitmap output is being encoded/written on disk
[Bakers] Add a cancel option during baking
[Gradient node] add global adjustments for multiple selected keys
[Gradient Node] Simplify Gradient Picker options
[Graph] Add an option to modify default parent size
[Graph] Display Image pixel depth under the node
[Preferences] Global preferences for DirectX/OpenGL
[Preferences] Use tabs in Preferences/Project UI
[Preferences] remove parameter MaxTextureSize located in the "3DView" preferences
[Preferences] Display short help about the autosave
[Preferences] Expose image format options
[Preferences] Add an option to hide the Environment map in 3D View by default
[Preferences] Add an option for the normal map filter default alpha option
[2D View] Add the possibility to pan away from texture bounds
[2D View] Interpret the physical size X/Y ratio
[3D View] Improve Texture management
[3D View] Disable Post Effects by default (to prevent crash on lowend gpu)
[MDL Graph] Manage the hidden flag on IRay parameter
[MDL Graph] Allow to set the constructor 'material()' as Root Node
[MDL Graph] Create SBS Graph instance node preview
[Content] Add new Scan Processing filters
Content] Add new Adjustment filters (Clamp, Pow, HDR Range Viewer)
[Content] Add Blue Noise (Fast approximation)
[Content] Add new Shape effects (Glow, Drop shadow, Stroke)
[Publish] Add an action "Export as previous" to republish the last selected package
Publish] Improve SBSAR generation when using high resolution bitmaps
[Publish] Warn user about non "relative to parent x1" graph setting when publishing or uploading on Share
[Properties] Add "Physical Size" attribute on SBS Graphs
[Parameters] Remove function actions on PKG Resource paths
[Parameters] Remove "Preview values changed" pop up

Bug Fixes
[Graph] Memory usage grows up regulary each time right-click menu is open
[Graph] [In SSE2] Polygon's nodes doesn't displays shapes when the "Scale" parameter is in negative
[Graph] Crash when switching from "Integer" to "Float" on a exposed parameter
[Graph] Moving nodes while a splitpoint is selected will recompute the nodes
[Graph] Split Points do not support "Undo"
[Graph] empty tooltip displayed when graph description contains non printable characters
[MDL Graph] Crash when the current node displayed in property view is deleted
[MDL Graph] MDL Graph that uses material() constructor function as root are not rendered correctly in the 3D View
[MDL] Cannot export MDL module when using conditional operator with uniform boolean expose parameter
[MDL] Crash when Loading a MDL Graph Template two times
[MDL Archive] Materials that are using a texture are not correctly managed
[3D View] IRay Material is not changed when the MDLGraph's root node change
[3D View] random crash when closing the 3D View while a mesh loading is in progress
[3D View] Yebis isn't reactivated after saving render
[3D View] Invalid PSD File generated when saving render result of iray scene
[3D View] point light 1 will not illuminate
[UI] Detection area of Checkboxes is too wide in "Bakers from Mesh" Parameters
[UI] Aesthetic issue in "Bakers from Mesh" Parameters
[Mac] Opening SD by double clicking on a sbs does not send output to 3d view
[Mac][Iray] Photoreal Cluster render doesn't work on MacOS
[Engine] Atan2(0, 0) makes the engine crash
[Engine] Critical synchronization issue
[Bakers] Can't disable automatic normalization for Height baker
[Parameters] when converting grayscale to rgba, alpha should be 255
Functions] It is possible to set a function as the output node even if not compatible
[Export] Invalid dependencies after exporting a Package with PSD's Resources
[Console] Clearing the console makes SD crash
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