Yoink 3.2 Multilingual MacOSX

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Yoink 3.2 Multilingual MacOSX

Yoink 3.2 Multilingual MacOSX | 10.5 MB
Yoink helps by making drag-and-drop between Spaces or full-screen apps easier. Every time you start dragging a file, Yoink fades in a tiny window on the left edge of your screen so you can drag files to it. This frees up your mouse so you can comfortably navigate to the destination of the drop and resume the drag from Yoink's window.

Multiple Files.
When multiple files are dragged to Yoink, they’re combined into a Stack, which makes dragging them out together very easy. Stacks can be split up, so individual files are exposed.

Identify Files. Quickly.
Use QuickLook to quickly identify files - either via the file icon or the more detailed QuickLook Previews.

Force Touch.
Use Force Touch to be even faster moving and copying files with Yoink. Easily select all files, reveal them in Finder, QuickLook files or pin them to Yoink.

Change where and when Yoink should appear to make it fit your workflow and daily routines perfectly. For instance, you can change it to not show up at your screen’s edge, but directly at your mouse cursor, making adding files even easier.

And more.
Set up Yoink to ignore apps where you don’t need it, and add a keyboard shortcut to manually hide and show Yoink.

What's New in Version 3.2
New Features:
- Use Force Touch to:
Select all files in Yoink,
Show selected files in Finder,
QuickLook a file (or split up a Stack),
Pin the file in Yoink,
Optional Haptic Feedback when entering Yoink's window with files
See Yoink's Preferences to set it up the way you like it.

- Shows a warning when files in Yoink are moved to the Trash in Finder
- Reduce Motion setting
- "Show in Finder" now supports more than one file, reflects selected files and files in Stacks
- QuickLook Previews now remember their last position (i.e. the page in a PDF, or the playback position of a video)
- Text snippets dragged to Yoink can now contain images (thanks, Joseph O'L. for bringing this to my attention)
- Filepaths of files in Stacks or selected items can now be all copied to the clipboard

- Performance and Resource Management Improvements:
Accepting files,
Dragging out items,
Clear All items,
Splitting up Stacks,
Opening the "Open With" menu,
less memory when watching for filename changes and deletions in Finder,
many minor ones

- Yoink now reflects changes in the Finder's "Show all filename extensions" setting
- Mails dragged from Yoink work again with all applications. To create an event in Calendar from a mail message, keep the option-key pressed as you drag the mail out of Yoink
- When Yoink is shown on a different screen than the mouse cursor, the keyboard shortcut (by default, F5) summons Yoink to the screen of the cursor
- UI Improvements:
When a file is pinned to Yoink, the lock button whiggles when trying to remove it
When locking all files at once (by holding down the option key), all lock buttons show to indicate that all have been locked
Cleaned up contextual menu (instead of having another submenu, "Show in Finder" has a submenu for multiple files in a Stack)
Updated Lock button icon to make it easier to see if a file is pinned or not pinned
Uses proper font for Asian text, updated localizations
Buttons now don't animate from the side and the icon doesn't animate away when the mouse enters so we don't have a moving target (thanks for your input, walkie1984)
- Improved efficiency for QuickLook
- When a file is re-saved in Finder, Yoink updates its QuickLook icon preview
- When a snippet is added to Yoink, it has a proper filename instead of "Snippet"
- Better handling of text clippings from Finder
- "Combine multiple files into a Stack" now also works with files added from the Terminal.app
- Accepts drags from the Mac App Store on OS X El Capitan and newer
- The preferences window, About window and Splash Screen now all open on the screen the cursor is on
- When editing the list of ignored apps, each row can now be clicked anywhere to select/deselect, not only the checkbox
- Yoink's window is a little wider to allow for a little more text to be shown
- Instead of file paths, Yoink now writes fileReferenceURLs to the pasteboard (like the Finder does)
- Added newsletter signup to the About and Splash windows
- Numerous bugfixes

Compatibility: OS X 10.7.3 or later, 64-bit processor
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese

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