GraphicRiver -- Color Dust Action

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GraphicRiver - Color Dust Action

GraphicRiver - Color Dust Action
Photoshop ATN | CS6+ | 21 MB

Color Dust is an action set designed to save you time and enhance your work with great professional effects. To use it follow this steps. Open Photoshop:

1 “ Check your image resolution, if not already, set it to 72 Pixels/Inch, and the Color Mode to RGB. To do this go to Image > Image Size, uncheck the Resample option and type 72 in the Resolution field. Image > Mode > RGB Color to adjust the color mode.

2 “ Create a new layer and name it main, select the brush tool and paint the areas you want the effect to place. Choose the direction from the action set and click play.

*Recommended size is 6000×4000, also is the maximum allowed. If your image is smaller, enlarge it to make the effect look better (more room for detail) You can downsize it later.


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