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This post was published 12 years ago and the download links can be irrelevant.
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Posting a pubication for MAIN PAGE:

A) Short content:
1. Must content:Screenshot/Cover/Picture,description (emphasise some key words!), file information.[NO LINKS TO RELEASES HERE!!!]

B) Add tag [b]CUT![/b]

C) Full content:
1.Also here must be all info that you found about this release and not more than 5 images.

2. Home/Info URL ("hide" tag)

3.All links to releases must be here!
Article MUST contain RAPIDSHARE.COM download link! + any other mirrors if your want.

4. All Links must start with

5.For all files(download links) use a prefix '' ( without '' ). WITHOUT PASSWORD, ONLY PREFIX!!!

6.</font> <font style="font-size: 13px">NO link hiding sites (

7. Do NOT submit old downloads!

8. Please Do Not Submit "Erotic Photos" ( exception to the rule - "watch for beauty - W4B" and Meat Art )

We have the right to delete publications that content ads of other sites and also publications that don't follow our rulels of publication posting.
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