Integrity Pro 12.1.0 macOS

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Integrity Pro 12.1.0 macOS

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Integrity Pro builds on Integrity Plus. It has the new v10 crawling engine, it checks links and generates a sitemap with all the searching, filtering and exporting functionality of the Plus version. It adds SEO details and a sitewide spellcheck. It isn't intended to replace Scrutiny,

a more affordable step for Integrity Plus users. There will, of course, be an upgrade from Integrity Plus, but this early public beta is simply free until the stable version is released.

Release Notes

Slight change in behaviour. After pausing, views are populated, so partial crawl can be examined. Or work can start on a bit of fixing after a pause/continue.
'Stop at X links' and 'Crawl maximum X clicks from home' are moved from Preferences to site-specific settings (Main window, Rules tab). This is also a fix as these settings weren't working properly in v12.0. This is a useful way to limit the crawl if it's not possible to limit a crawl by blacklisting.
Change to the robots.txt policy. With 'limit crawl based on robots.txt' switched on, if there is a conflict, ie the same url is allowed and disallowed, then 'disallow' overrides.
Adds an information box which is triggered if the scan stalls at the first url.
If main window is closed, but application remains open, a click on the dock icon re-opens the main window.
Corrects small glitch with the SEO table, preventing full display of the bottom row.

Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.10 or later (Apple Silicon compatible)


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