Total Commander 10.00 IT Edition 4.4

Total Commander 10.00 IT Edition 4.4

Languages: English | File size: 101 MB

Total Commander - perhaps the most popular file manager with all the functions necessary for such programs. In addition to all the tools specific to file managers, Total Commander contains very convenient viewers for multimedia and graphic files, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE and additional dll for other archive files; Extremely convenient ftp-client: you can download / upload files in several streams, there is a download, support for www-proxy when working with ftp and there is even such a function as connecting to the given ftp at the specified time. Never stop and such functions as UUE / MIME / XXE encoding / decoding and cutting / splicing of long files, as well as many other features that are extremely necessary for working with files.

Assembly content

Main components
- Total Commander 10.00 Final
- License key
- Extended and modified Total Commander menu
- AkelPad (x32/x64) / Notepad++
- RAR archiver
- Release Extractor (to unpack 0day releases)
- Own color scheme (feedback / suggestions are welcome)
- Etc., see below

List of programs in the assembly
- Anvir Task Manager (+x64 hook)
- Autoruns (x32/x64)
- CCleaner (x32/x64) + winapp.ini
- CleanAfterMe
- CurrPorts (x32/x64)
- DecryptTC
- Defraggler (x32/x64)
- FastStone Capture Portable
- grepWin (x32/x64)
- HashTools (HashCheck.dll, fciv.exe, wxcksums)
- HWiNFO (x32/x64)
- Impopezia TC Colors Presets
- InnoEx (fixed by DimitarSerg)
- Instant Demo Studio
- KeePass
- LanWhoIs
- MPress
- MyEventViewer (x32/x64)
- NetRouteView
- NonStopCopy
- Notepad ++
- O&O ShutUp10
- OpenWithView
- Password Cracker
- Pixie
- Putty
- QTranslate
- Process Hacker (x32/x64)
- RegShot (x32/x64)
- Rar Unlocker
- Registry Workshop (x32/x64)
- Release Extractor
- Resource Hacker + FX
- Revo Uninstaller (x32/x64)
- RIOT + RAW + HDR plugin package + AdvPng
- ShellMenuView (x32/x64)
- Shtirlitz (removed banner)
- SoftPerfect Network Scanner (x32/x64)
- TC History Cleaner
- UPX X-Shell
- Unlocker (x32/x64)
- WebBrowserPassView
- Wise Registry Cleaner
- Wise Disk Cleaner

You can see the description of additional software in the component selection window when you hover over the program of interest.

Packer Plugins (wcx)
- BtDir
- Archive plug-in to work with torrent files.

- CHMDir adds support of ITSS/CHM file format (compiled HTML) to Total Commander, allows you to extract, search, pack, delete files in CHM.
- Also it add unpacking of HtmlHelp 2 files (.Hx?).

DiskDir Extended
Creates a list file with all selected files and directories, including subdirs - but also lists contents of archive files
- Also lists all the other archive files recognised by installed TC plugins

Game Archive UnPacker
- This plugin allows you to view and to extract some specific resources from some kinds of the "game archives".

- The plugin represents HLP and MVB help files as archives with set of files obtained by decompilation of the original help file (usually it includes main RTF file, some images in BMP and SHG formats and HPJ or MVP project file).

- Allow work with icl files (icon lib's) as archive files. Supports extract/add/delete icons from/in icl files and creating new icl from icons.

- This plugin is a remake of an old plugin by an unknown author called "InstallExporer Port", which uses the original InstallExplorer FAR plugin © by Sergei Wanin. The plugin enables you to browse and extract the contents of .exe and .msi files, created by the following installers: Wise Installer, Vise Installer, Inno Setup, Gentee Installer, numerous InstallShield versions, NullSoft Installer versions 1.1o and up, SetupFactory, Eschalon Installer, and Windows Installer (MSI). My plugin is more stable, than the old port, and unpacks all files correctly.

- Iso plugin for Total Commander (read CD-ROM images).

- This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to extract resources stored in MHT files.

- Decode quoted-printable, base64, 8bit, 7bit, binary, uuencode
- Open file create with brouser IE, Opera, etc.
- Open file create with mailer (*.msg)(Outlook not supported)
- Open *.b64, *.uue, *.xxe file
- Handling name in KOI8-R, UTF-8, UTF-7
- Decode name from quoted-printable, base64
- Delete file from archive
- Pack file to archive
- Search in unpack files
- Wdx-functional

- Packer plug-in based on 7z.dll and 7zG.exe for Total Commander.

- Full support for Unicode and other innovations of the latest Total Commander.

Total7zip uses 7z.dll for opening archives. It can open files by content - press Ctrl+PageDown on any file and the plug-in will try to find out file's format. The plug-in can handle 7z archives, as well as all the formats that are recognized by 7zip. 7zip v9.20 can read all these files

Lister Plugins (wlx)
- AKFont
- Shows font files. Supports TrueType (ttf), OpenType (otf), Adobe Type1 (pfm+pfb), .ttc, .fon.

- This is a lister plugin for Total Commander that allows you to display info about archives in the Lister or the QuickView window of Total Commander.
- Currently supported archive types: RAR, ZIP, JAR (Java archive)

This plugin enables to browse and edit database tables of several types
- MySQL 3.20 - 4.1 (3.23 and 4.0 tested)
- Firebird 1.0 - 1.5 (1.5 tested)
- Interbase 5.0 - 7.5 (6.0 tested)
- Microsoft SQL Server 7, 2000 (7.0 tested)
- Sybase ASE 12.0, 12.5
- Any ODBC database through either a .DSN link file or the file system plugin
- Any server with an OLEDB provider through the file system plugin. MySQL and MSSQL support is built in, but you can add your own
- FlashFiler server databases and BDE aliases using the file system plugin
- FlashFiler 2 (view .FF2 files without a server)
- Paradox DB
- dBase and FoxPro DBF
- Microsoft Access

- Java Overall Editor is a complex editor and viewer for compiled java binaries (.class files).

- This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to view *.dmp file, creating Microsoft Windows when system has blue screen.

- This Lister plugin display Version Information, Header Information and Symbol for MZ, NE, LE, LX and PE format (programs, DLLs,...). Dump of LIB, OBJ, EXP files. for PE format, DLL dependencies are tested and missing functions are shown.
typelib information is displayed if present (OCX, DLL, TLB,...)

- Version of IEView plugin, intended for viewing only HTML documents.

- Imagine - Image & Animation Viewer for Windows.
- Support for numerous image/animation file formats:JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, PSD, TIF;TIFF, LBM;IFF, FLI;FLC, SPR, PCD, JPC;JP2;J2K (JPEG 2000), PBM;PGM;PPM, RAS, SGI;RGB;BW, JBG;JBIG, ICO, CUR, ANI, CLP, RLE.

- TC Lister-plugin for viewing and editing settinds files (*.ini, *.inf, *.reg).

Jad - Java Decompiler Plugin
- JAD Lister plugin for Java binary .class files. Uses jad to decompile the .class file and displays the resulted code highlighted in TC Lister window.
- View any java .class file decompiled by jad in TC Lister window
- The code is highlighted, selectable and searchable as the plugin uses the default Lister window so all other default Lister functions are available

- This viewer can play (wth appropriate codec) and display tags and informations from many multimedia files. Informations are extracted by the MediaInfo library (from

- Plugin to view .nfo .diz.

- sLister it is PDF,DJVU,XPS,CBZ,CBR viewer based on SumatraPDF..

- Plugin for view Flash SWF files.

- TCTorrent is wlx/wdx/wcx plugin for retrieving and viewing info.

- tLister add tabs support to Lister.

- VisualDirSize provide a graphical overview of the files/folders in a selected directory. You can view a chart by putting cursor on any directory and pressing 'Ctrl+Q'. Selected directory will be scanned and files/folders size will be displayed as a bar chart in the Quick View panel. Such bar chart is useful for showing the relative size of files/folders. For instance: you can quickly locate the biggest file/folder in directory.

File System Plugins (wfx)
Android ADB
- The ultimate Android Total Commander file system plugin with extra features.

Access the following cloud services without the need of installing their client software
- Box
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- Microsoft OneDrive
- Yandex drive

DiskInternal Reader
This program plays the role of a bridge between your Windows and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, HFS, ReiserFS, exFAT, FAT and NTFS file systems.
Native reader for
- Ext2/3/4
- ReiserFS
- Fat/exFAT
- Windows and Linux software raid arrays
- Adaptec, nVidia, Intel, Via, Silicon raid arrays
- MBR, GPT and Apple partitions
- VMWare, VirtualPC and Parallels disk images

- Deleting, installing and deactivating of Total Commander plugins directly from Total Commander panel.

- Services2 is a file-system plugin that can list, control and manage the services registered in the system.

- Allows to access remote servers via secure FTP (FTP via SSH). Requires SSH2. Now also supports SSH+SCP without SFTP!.

- This is the WebDAV file system plugin for Total Commander. It works with Microsoft IIS, Apache with mod_dav extension,
and Tamino WebDAV server. Other WebDAV servers may or may not work. Bug reports and code changes are welcome.

Content plugins (wdx)
- AnyTag. A content plugin for Total Commander >= 6.50 which displays metadata (like Artist, Album, ...) and technical info of almost all audio files.
- Exif. Show camera data like aperture and exposure time from JPG and Canon RAW image files..
- HashSys. Shows hash values (has lot of algorythms).
- ShellDetails. ShellDetails displays all Windows Explorer fields in Total Commander.

Supported Operation Systems
- Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit Edition
- Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit Edition
- Windows XP 32-bit SP3
- Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit with SP2 or higher
- Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

What's new

^ Total Commander updated to 10.00 final
^ Anvir Task Manager 9.4
^ FastStone Capture 9.7
^ Rar 6.02
^ sftp 2.90 (WFX Plugin)
^ Regshot-1.9.1 beta r321
^ WebDAV 3.2 (WFX Plugin)
^ Putty 0.76
^ SumatraPDF 3.3
^ grepWin 2.0.9
^ Qtranslate 6.9.0
^ Wise Registry Cleaner
^ Wise Disk Cleaner
^ Revo 2.3.5
^ HWiNFO 7.16
^ CurrPorts 2.65
^ O&O ShutUp10 1.9.1426
^ NetScan 8.1.2
^ NetRouteView 1.35
^ Notepad ++
^ Password Cracker 4.51
^ innounp 0.50
^ TCTorrent 2.1.3 (WLX Plugin)
^ MediaInfo.dll 20.0
^ IniEd 2.0 (WLX Plugin)
^ HtmlView 1.2.6 (WLX Plugin)
^ Cloud 2.4 (WFX Plugin)
^ DiskInternals Reader 4.11 (WFX Plugin)
^ winapp 210920
^ WebBrowserPassView 2.11
+ Autoruns (x32/x64) 14.07
+ WPD 1.5.2042 RC 1
– Startup Guard (WFX Plugin)
– BlackBird
– Oszone help
– Lan Calculator
# fixed installer for compatibility with old Windows (XP, Server 2003)
# fixed tLister plugin
# fixes and improvements

+ Added
– Deleted
^ Changed / Updated
# Fixed



Total Commander 10.00 IT Edition 4.4

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