All It Takes To Master SketchUp

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All It Takes To Master SketchUp

All It Takes To Master SketchUp
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn 3D modeling in no time with SketchUp. For everyone at any level of computer & english language knowledge.

People love SketchUp! Google approves*

Update 5-Nov-14: SketchUp 2015 content are on the way!
Update 30-Mar-15: Narrations are now available in text.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software. You can make anything you can imagine with this program. You can use what you have made in various ways. It's free for personal use, though its commercial version has a reasonable price, Architects use SketchUp to prepare their designs and present them. Designers use SketchUp in 3D printing Artists use the out-standing styles of SketchUp. Game developers use SketchUp to prepare models for their games; and so on. There are so many uses for SketchUp; we cannot count them all, but all of them have the same purpose: Realizing your imagination.

We have worked hard on delivering the most valuable content in this course. You can notice this in every second of each lecture. With our online course you can make this must-learn tool your assessment in no time! So what are you waiting for?

The course:

Straightforward material, astonishing results.
We don't want to waste your time. That's why we "engineered" the materials of this course and reduced the total time of our lectures to less than 4 hours. Beginners don't get overwhelmed with the material and more advanced students don't feel underestimated. Still all you need is here. We guarantee it!
We have cherry-picked the content you may not find anywhere else. Instead of showing you what each button does inside a program, we have focused on the way tasks are actually done in SketchUp. Together, we monitor your progress in quizzes and "Build" exercises.
Udemy is trusted by more than 3 million students. You will have lifetime access to the main course material, supplementary and additional materials, discussion board, course updates and the mobile app of the course.
We show you the common mistakes students make and the problems you might face. After that, if you still needed help, our community of students and the instructor himself are here to help.
No particular computer knowledge required.
Problem in hearing the content? Narrations are also available in written format.
Not so good in English? Simple vocabulary is used in this course.
After the course:

Certificate of compilation
Membership of 3D masters community
Life-time access to course material and future updates (if any)
*Based on the data from Google Trends, SketchUp is the most popular 3D modeling program among its contestants.

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All It Takes To Master SketchUp


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