How to Become a Graphic Designer & Earn More Money!

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How to Become a Graphic Designer & Earn More Money
How to Become a Graphic Designer & Earn More Money
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Whether or not you have a degree in graphic design, you need to take this online course if you want to make more money.

After looking at literally thousands of emails from designers, something I realized was that they just weren’t taught how to market themselves and get clients.

What good is spending tons of money on getting a degree when you’re making hardly anything after finishing it?

I knew exactly how each of them felt, as I experienced the same circumstances after I had graduated and got my degree from university.

Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I created this course.

After I received my degree in graphic and media design, I didn’t really know what to do next.

All I was told by my tutors was to have a great portfolio and apply for internships and jobs.

Little did I know that my tutors didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

Working in the real world is far different then working inside of a classroom.

After a couple of years going in and out of graphic design internships and getting paid hardly anything, I was getting angry.

I was getting angry seeing colleagues create mediocre work yet getting paid 5 times what they’re worth, while I was stuck at some studio creating awesome work yet I was getting paid zilch.

To be honest, I was jealous.

I decided that it was enough.

I began to educate myself by reading books about psychology and design.

I tracked down the top designers and Internet marketers and asked them why they’re so successful and how do they earn so much.

I then began putting everything I learned into action. Slowly but surely, my income started increasing. I soon started taking on more clients then I could handle so I decided to increase my fees.

Not only were clients happy to pay me high fees for my services but they also turned out to be the exact clients I had wanted. They loved the work that I produced and didn’t cause any hassle when the time came to pay.

This course is a combination of everything I’ve learned over the years in order to land quality clients.

I’ve rigorously tested these methods on both me and the clients that I coach, so I know exactly what works and what is a waste of time.

Let’s cut to the chase, will this course make you more money?

Yes, but only if you’re willing to take action.

I can show you the fountain, but I can't force you to drink from it.

You have to be thirsty enough to get up off your backside and take action.

This course will show you how to become a graphic designer as well as how to make good money, but it'll only be effective if you're hungry enough for success and ready to take action online graphic design degree

How long would it take to see results?

This isn’t a course about getting rich quick.

But I can guarantee that if you study the materials within this course, like many of my clients, you will substantially increase your income within 3 months.

Now, why am I not saying that you’ll get more clients?

Because getting more clients doesn’t necessarily mean more income.

Instead I’m going to teach you how to get quality clients that love the work you produce and don’t mind the costs that come with it o

How to Become a Graphic Designer & Earn More Money

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