Learn Apple Watch Programming Quickly By Examples

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Learn Apple Watch Programming Quickly By Examples
Learn Apple Watch Programming Quickly By Examples
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Beep beep! Time to wake up and see the watch! Take this Apple Watch Course now, learn fast and beat the competition.

Dont waste hours reading the new documentations and tutorials - with lots and lots of boring theory stuff - for Apple Watch. Beat the competition, jump right in and use your creativity to build applications today that will help you dominate the fresh new Apple Watch App market. Take this course and build your first sample app within 60 minutes. If you hit a trouble, you always have the support forum to ask questions, collaborate with peers and learn more effectively.

Dont miss out the Apple Watch gold rush! This course will teach anyone who has basic programming knowledge in any language how to create Apple Watch apps using Swift. This is the best time to learn Apple Watch programming and make the most money in the first wave of Apple Watch apps and dominate for years!

The course will show you 100% code and live coding demo video on building real world apps that run in the Apple Watch and primarily covers the new UI concepts introduced in Apple Watch. I will add more samples and contents to this course as Apple releases more complete versions of the WatchKit sdk in early 2015. Currently they have exposed only very limited feature sets.

How is this course different to others?

I love learning from my mobile even while travelling. I've done the favour for my students, videos in the course are mobile-optimized. You can see active area of the xcode zoomed in so that you can even watch the whole course from your mobile screen.
For a single one-off free students will get full lifetime access (including video downloads) to the course and all the future updates I add later.
Most of the lectures will be hands-on videos of real applications, we will deal with very little theory where it is useful.
Theory parts are made interesting to learn and is created using white-board animations that are easy to follow. Graphical representations are used more than text to convey core ideas.
You can get up and running with your first 'Hello World' app in a very short time of just first 15 minutes and start building a real world app in the first 45 minutes.
Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to build Apple Watch applications. The ordinary mobile market is already saturated. Apple Watch is the new wave. It brings fantastic opportunities for developers to create amazing apps that never existed before. If you want to earn good money selling apps in the Appstore then investing time and resource to learn Apple Watch programming is the key to your success. Being among the first few people who make Apple Watch applications will give you a good lead in the new app ecosystem of Apple Watch.

Learn Apple Watch Programming Quickly By Examples

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