Android Softarchive.net Collection Pack 118

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Android Softarchive.net Collection Pack 118

Android Softarchive.net Collection Pack 118 | 1.5 GB
----------- Lastest Update For Android -----------
Genre: Apps | Platform: Android

It contains mostly paid and full version appps but also there are some games as well

You can see from Pack 1 to Pack 114 here: https://tags.softarchive.la/softarchive.net/


-1Password - Password Manager v6.4.5 [Pro].apk
-9GAG Best LOL Pics & GIFs v2.20.27 [Pro].apk
-10K Running Trainer Pro v51.0.apk
-365Scores Sports Scores Live v4.3.2 [Subscribed].apk
-ActionDirector Video Editor v1.0.2 [Unlocked].apk
-Amber Weather Lite v3.2.8(Unlocked).apk
-AppWererabbit v6.3.1 [Pro] LIC.apk
-AppWererabbit v6.3.1 [Pro].apk
-Assistant Pro for Android v23.23 [Paid.apk
-Athan - Prayer times and Qibla v4.1.9 [Unlocked].apk
-Audio Evolution Mobile Studio v4.3.0 need GP.apk
-Bible Offline PRO v5.9.2 [Paid].apk
-BK Package Disabler Samsung v2.1.8.apk
-BlackCam - Black&White Camera v1.41 [Unlocked].apk
-BlackPlayer EX v20.24 Final [Patched].apk
-BSPlayer v1.27.190 build 11476 [Paid].apk
-Business Card Reader - CRM Pro v1.1.45 build 48.apk
-C25K - 5K Running Trainer Pro v51.0.apk
-Caller Screen Dialer Pro v6.4.apk
-Car Launcher Pro v1.5.2.apk
-ColourGo - Colouring book v1.5.0 [Premium].apk
-Compass Pro v1.32.apk
-DJI Ultimate Flight - v3 v3.195.apk
-Drugs in Cancer Care v2.3.1.apk
-Echo Notification Lockscreen v0.9.99 [Premium].apk
-Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro v1.3.6 [Paid].apk
-Evernote - stay organized v7.9.7 build 1079764 [Premium] ARM.apk
-Evernote - stay organized v7.9.7 build 1079764 [Premium] x86.apk
-eWeather HD, Radar HD, Alerts v5.9.7 [Paid].apk
-File Expert - File Manager V8.3.0 [Unlocked].apk
-Financial Times v2.18.2.1 (Subscribed).apk
-Fit Brains Trainer v3.0.9 [Premium].apk
-Fotor Photo Editor v4.3.3.478 [Unlocked].apk
-Gif Me! Camera Pro v1.67 [Paid].apk
-GO SMS Pro v7.18 build 375 [Premium] Languages.rar
-GO SMS Pro v7.18 build 375 [Premium] Plugins.rar
-GO SMS Pro v7.18 build 375 [Premium].apk
-Graffiti Maker v1.13.1 [Unlocked].apk
-Half Marathon Trainer 13.1 21K v48.0.apk
-HD Widgets v4.2.7 [Paid].apk
-Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault v1.9.79 [Premium].apk
-Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault v1.9.80 [Premium].apk
-Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro v5.7.2 [Unlocked].apk
-HiPER Calc Pro v4.1.apk
-Inspirations for Muslims v1.0 [Unlocked].apk
-Internet Radio Recorder Pro v4.0.5.2.apk
-IPTV Pro v3.4.4 [Patched].apk
-JStock Android - Stock Market v1.0.23 [Premium].apk
-Kate Mobile Pro v35.2.apk
-KinScreen v3.4.6 [Unlocked].apk
-Lightning Launcher 14 (r2825) [Patched] ARM.apk
-Lightning Launcher 14 (r2825) [Patched] x86.apk
-Marathon Trainer - 26.2 42K v48.0.apk
-MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder v7.10.02755 [Premium].apk
-Memrise Learn Languages v2.9_3895 [Premium].apk
-MIMS v5.5.2 [Subscribed].apk
-Multi Measure Tools v12.0 [Unlocked].apk
-Musixmatch music & lyrics v6.5.1 Premium.apk
-MyLifeOrganized To-Do List v2.4.1 [Pro].apk
-Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.176 [18.11.2016] Patched.apk
-Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.176 [18.11.2016] Retail.apk
-New Launcher Prime v2.7 (iNew).apk
-News Republic - Breaking news v6.8.2 [Subscribed].apk
-Nova Launcher v5.0-beta9b [Prime] Tesla.apk
-Nova Launcher v5.0-beta9b [Prime].apk
-Now for Reddit v5.0.6 build 134 [Pro].apk
-Oxford Handbook of Anaesthes 4 v2.3.1.apk
-PDF Scanner Pro v3.1.apk
-Peer Gold by Pluto knight_1611071425.apk
-Periodic Table 2016 Pro v0.1.2 [Patched].apk
-Pho.to Lab PRO Photo Editor! v2.1.6.432 Paid.apk
-Pho.to Lab PRO Photo Editor! v2.1.6.432 Patched.apk
-Photo & Picture Resizer Premium v1.0.104.apk
-Photo Grid Photo Collage Maker v5.32 [Premium].apk
-PowerDirector - Video Editor v3.16.0 [Unlocked].apk
-PrintHand Mobile Print Premium v9.5.5 Paid.apk
-PrintHand Mobile Print Premium v9.5.5 Patched.apk
-PRO Lirbi Reader PDF, eBooks v5.6.11.apk
-ProfiMail Go - email client Full v4.19.22.apk
-Pulsar Music Player v1.4.4 [Pro].apk
-Radio Online - PCRADIO 2016 Premium v1.0 build 8.apk
-Relay for reddit (Pro) v8.0.42.apk
-Retrica Pro v3.6.1.apk
-Retro Interactive Watch Face v1.1.apk
-Root Booster v2.8.2 [Premium].apk
-Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.26.B85 [Patched].apk
-Scientific Calculator Plus v5.5.1 [Paid].apk
-Search Duplicate File v4.32 (Paid).apk
-Self Camera HD (with Filters) Pro v3.0.51.apk
-SeriesGuide v34-beta 3 [Premium].apk
-Simple Habit Meditation v1.2 [Subscribed].apk
-Sleep as Android v20161118 build 1412 [Unlocked] Cloud.apk
-Sleep as Android v20161118 build 1412 [Unlocked] Lullaby.apk
-Sleep as Android v20161118 build 1412 [Unlocked].apk
-Slideshow Maker v12.0 [Premium].apk
-Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.3 build 200107 [Unlocked] ARM.apk
-Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.3 build 200107 [Unlocked] Icons.rar
-Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.3 build 200107 [Unlocked] Plugins.rar
-Solid Explorer File Manager v2.2.3 build 200107 [Unlocked] x86.apk
-SoundHound Music Search v7.2.1.apk
-Steampunk VII for WatchMaker v1.1.apk
-Strelok+ v3.5.8.apk
-The 5-Minute PediatricConsu 7 v2.3.1.apk
-The Guardian v4.13.904 [Subscribed].apk
-Tools & Mi Band v2.5.1 [Paid].apk
-Translate voice - Pro v8.0.apk
-Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.92.01.01 [Paid] Icon.apk
-Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.92.01.01 [Paid].apk
-Travel Interpreter v2.6.4.apk
-Travel Interpreter v2.6.4-OBB.rar
-TripIt Travel Organizer Pro v5.3.1.apk
-Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords v4.9.6 [Unlocked].apk
-Unit Converter v2.0.84 [Premium].apk
-USB Audio Player PRO v3.3.2.apk
-WatchMaker Premium Watch Face v3.9.9g b172.apk
-Wave Music Player Pro v2.005 [Paid].apk
-Weight Tracker Pro - BMI TDEE v1.2.2.apk
-X Camera v4.0 [Vip].apk
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.0.5 [Pro] ARM.apk
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.0.5 [Pro] ARM.txt
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.0.5 [Pro] x86.apk
-Yatse, the Kodi Remote v7.0.5 [Pro] x86.txt[/center]| Android | 1.62 GB
This is Best Paid Android Applications Last Update November 2016.

Required Android O/S: 4.0+


Step 1: Put the .apk on your SD card, insert it into your phone
Step 2: Then, go to settings, applications, then set the phone to allow installation from unknown sources.
Step 3: After that, go to the android market, download the free astro file manager.
Open up astro, locate the .apk on your sd card and tap it. You should then have an option to install.(some Apps/Games need "Root")
Step 4: Copy Data to "Sdcard/Android/Obb/" or "sdcard/android/Data/" for GAME
Step 5: Enjoy. Snorgared-SoftArchive.net

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