Beginner's guide to Competitive programming using python

Beginner's guide to Competitive programming using python


Created by Harshavardhan G | Published 4/2021
Duration: 1h 12m | 2 sections | 6 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 480 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Harshavardhan G

What you'll learn
Basic competitive level programs

Downloading visual studio code , students should have basic knowledge of python
competitive Programming(CP) is fun, CP is an exercise for your brain, it is a type of mental sport. It helps you to optimize the code in different ways and in a quick and efficient way.
If you want to learn how to write python programs like a pro , code python like a boss , solve real-world programs ,or do you want  to build the skills needed to get your first python programming job ,then this course is for you.
This course is for complete beginners and covers some basic competitive problems using popular Python language. You will learn some basic concepts such as:
Big O Notation Concept
Binary Search algorithm
Seive of Erathosthenes algorithm.
frequency count of element in the list
finding the peak element index in a mountain array.
This course is also open to all learners who wish to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of competitive programming .By the end of this course, you guys will be able to write code that not only dramatically increases your productivity but it will be equally efficient and most important thing is that it will be fun ! , most importantly start practicing the code regularly so that you guys have a grip of it .
Enroll now and learn how to write python programs like a pro!
Take care and enjoy the learning!
Who this course is for:Beginner level students


Beginner's guide to Competitive programming using python

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