Create a Family Tree! Paint it with Watercolors, Edit with Adobe Photoshop and Prepare it to Print!

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Create a Family Tree! Paint it with Watercolors, Edit with Adobe Photoshop and Prepare it to Print!


Instructors: Ania Malinowska
Duration: 1h 16m • 13 Lessons
Video: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English
Level: Intermediate | Size: 931 MB

This class is about creating a Family Tree. You will learn how to paint it with watercolors, how to edit it in Adobe Photoshop and how to scan and prepare your art to print!

So basically not only will you be able to paint a beautiful family tree on your own, but also you will learn basic Adobe Photoshop tools to edit your artwork and print it!

What You Will Learn

how to plan and create a layout of your Family Tree
how to transfer a draft as a final sketch
how to paint a tree with watercolors
what settings you should use for a good scan and how to scan a bigger illustration
how to import your illustration properly into Adobe Photoshop and merge more scans into one file
how to edit your illustration in Adobe Photoshop with a few simple tools like levels, contrasts, color vibrance, eraser
how to add photos into your tree project and create clipping masks for the photos in Adobe Photoshop
how to work with layers
how to write names in personalised shapes as a highlight
and finally how to set your art to print!
Why You Should Take This Class

you will learn how to create a beautiful craft gift for your family, friends or yourself
you will learn to use basic digital tools to edit your project, you can use those tools for your art in future
you will see the settings needed to scan and print an illustration
I will share all my knowledge and many useful tips, that I learned during my career as a graphic designer and illustrator
Who This Class is For:

This class is for everybody, but since I won't explain in details how to use watercolors, a prior experience with this technique is a better option. You can see my other class "Watercolor Basic Techniques. Learn & Paint a Bouquet" or you can use other art mediums that you prefer and you usually paint with! Feel free to paint with the materials of your preference!


Your favourite art supplies, to see the ones that I use in this class check the pdf in the resources
Adobe Photoshop
Scanner - if you have one, if not you can scan at a professional printing point or photographer


Create a Family Tree! Paint it with Watercolors, Edit with Adobe Photoshop and Prepare it to Print!

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