How To Paint Photos In Procreate: A Sweet Goldfinch

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How To Paint Photos In Procreate: A Sweet Goldfinch


Instructors: Jai Johnson
Duration: 2h 11m • 8 Lessons
Video: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English
Level: Intermediate | Size: MB

Hello, and welcome to my class! If you love to take photos and have been searching for ways to transform your photos into works of fine art, you're in the right place!

In this class we will be taking a cute, but somewhat bland songbird photo, and we will paint the photo into a vibrant and colorful work of unique bird art using Procreate on the iPad. And we will do it all using just one brush, which I have provided to you in the class resources. You can choose to paint my Goldfinch photo I've provided you with, or you can choose to paint one of your own favorite bird photos if you desire.

In the class, I show you

How to set up your canvas and do a brush test to learn the characteristics of the brush
How to paint the detail areas of the bird
How to paint the body of the bird, as well as the wooden lawn ornament where he's perched
How to work through the background and make it more interesting
How to add expressive color and brushwork
How to enhance your darks and lights
How to add finishing touches to make your painting extra special and unique
To participate in this class, you'll need

An iPad
An Apple Pencil
Procreate installed on your iPad
A basic understanding of how to use the features of Procreate, including installing brushes
The brush I have provided you with
An understanding of how to transfer the photo you wish to paint onto your iPad, whether that be the photo I've provided you with or one of your own
When you're finished with this class, you will have a painting similar to this, but with your own special touches and style. And remember, the techniques you will learn in this class can be applied to painting any photo you wish to paint in Procreate on your iPad.


How To Paint Photos In Procreate: A Sweet Goldfinch

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