Lynda - Learning the Python 3 Standard Library


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Lynda - Learning the Python 3 Standard Library
Lynda - Learning the Python 3 Standard Library
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Python libraries can cut your development time and reduce your frustration with coding. In this Python 3 course, follow Kathryn Hodge as she walks through the Python standard library. Discover how familiarizing yourself with its facilities can make writing code in this concise, elegant language a little easier. Familiarize yourself with the library's built-in functions, math modules, and input and output modules. Learn how to get information from the Internet with the HTTP module, and more.

Topics include:
* Working with logical and comparison operators
* Getting a list of numbers with the range() and list() functions
* Using mathematical functions such as round(), abs(), and pow()
* Calculating a given input's length
* Importing and using the math module
* Reading a user's command-line arguments
* Getting the current time
* Formatting dates and times with datetime
* Creating a timer
* Using urllib to get content from the Internet
* Using the JSON module to decode content

Lynda - Learning the Python 3 Standard Library

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