Organic Sculpting in Blender

Organic Sculpting in Blender

Artstation | by Rico Cilliers
Duration: 2h 54m | Video: 1920x1080, 48kHz | 4.6 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Intermediate

In this 2-part series, Rico Cilliers covers sculpting and retopology of a game-oriented workflow for organic models in Blender. He shares tips, add-ons, and best practices for quickly and efficiently creating great environmental or creature-type organic models.

Blockout and Sculpting
by Rico Cilliers • Intermediate • 1h 35m • 7 Videos
In this first part of a two-part series, Rico teaches how to sculpt believable and appealing organic models in Blender while highlighting useful techniques and best practices to help you build an efficient workflow.

3DGame ArtSculptingBlender
Retopology and UVs

Retopology and UVs
by Rico Cilliers • Intermediate • 1h 19m • 5 Videos
In this second part of a two-part series, Rico demonstrates how to create the low poly game-ready mesh from your existing high-poly organic model with a few different retopology techniques as well as UV unwrapping and optimization.


Organic Sculpting in Blender

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