Complete Hardsurface Modelling & Sculpting inside ZBrush4 R8

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Complete Hardsurface Modelling & Sculpting inside ZBrush4 R8

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What you’ll learn
After this course you will have a ton of skills to tackle pretty much any hard surface project all within ZBrush!

You Will need ZBrush 4 R8 to Complete this Course
Its not essential but Photoshop would be good if you have it for alpha generation
Thank you for your interest in “Complete Hardsurface Modelling & Sculpting inside ZBrush4 R8” Course

This is a very fast pace course crammed with tips and tricks, please be aware this is an intermediate to advanced course we cover a lot and at speed!!!!

During this course we will create a custom Motorbike from scratch inside Zbrush from basic block in to high detail rendering, for me it was a challenge to undertake this whole project just using ZBrush but as you will see it was not only quicker but also offers a lot of control as mentioned this course is packed with skills, ready to hear about some of them
Read on…

Course Content

During this hard surface modelling course in ZBrush we will cover the following:

Reference Gathering
Basic Blocking in at speed
Kitbash creation kits (I will show you how to create Multimesh Insert and Curve brushes and show you how to link them to the lightbox from any drive, this will include tool creation for kit bashing as well)
Creating parts from primitive tools
A look at all the common actions of the ZRemodeller brush
Polishing and sculpting for a quick block in
Retopology for a block in parts
Creating complex Curve brushes and controlling there placement
Tip on topology and how to create bevels, inserts and extrusions
How to work with creased edges understanding this is essential for good hard surface modelling
Using ZSpheres to create the frame (this will give you the ability to change the frame on the fly)
Using dynamic subdivs (we use this to keep the file size smaller it gives the same result as a sub divided surface)
Correcting problems
Symetry, Welding plus Mirroring
Renerign and set up plus final comp work or passes in Photoshop
This course has hours of content and I am really pleased with the ammount of information that I have included in this course, I am hoping you guys will love it! please be aware that the course moves very fast I do mention everyhting I am doing and am always here to answer question or jump to my facebook group and get more detailed responses and help videos just for you!


Complete Hardsurface Modelling & Sculpting inside ZBrush4 R8

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