Data Analytics: MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlikview, Power BI

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Data Analytics: MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlikview, Power BI

Data Analytics: MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlikview, Power BI
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Learn how to use four of the industries leading tools in business intelligence for data analytics and visualizations.

In this course you will learn the basics of getting started with three industry leading tools in MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Qlikview. This is a brief introduction that will show you how to :

Download and Install MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Qlikview
Connect to Data Sources
Find Online Datasets
Understand basic self-service BI functions
Navigate through the features of each tool
Create visualizations and dashboards to answer business questions
Create the same Olympic Athletes dashboard in all three tools to examine the different look and feel for each of the tools.
Creating Calculated fields and metrics
Examine Filters, Page-bys, Dashboard Actions, Legends, etc.
Dissect existing Dashboards
and More
MicroStrategy Desktop Analytics, Tableau Desktop, and Qlikview are all self-service BI tools are easy to learn, use, and create quick report prototypes. Each tool uses pictures of data to convert into optimize database queries without having to write any code. With the visualizations created in these tools you can see patterns, trends, and discover answers to questions with only a couple of clicks. All three have easy to use GUI's that feature drag-and-drop technology to create insightful dashboards in seconds. The course uses MicroStrategy Visual Insight to go over most of the functionalities of self-service BI. After, we go into each tool and create a sample dashboard and analyze sample dashboards.

Join me in going over all three of these tools and added these tools to your Data Analytics toolset and resume.


Data Analytics: MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlikview, Power BI


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