Photograph Your Own Artwork: For Your Website, Social Media, Skillshare or Print

Photograph Your Own Artwork: For Your Website, Social Media, Skillshare or Print

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Do you create drawings, paintings, illustrations, watercolors or other artworks on paper or canvas?
Have you struggled to get high-quality photographs of your artwork?
This class will show you how to Photograph your own Artwork with a simple setup, no fancy gear or experience necessary!
As a creative person, you need to be able to document your work so you can share it with others and let them see what you create. This class will give you the skills and knowledge to create professional quality photographs of your artworks to share your creativity and build your brand.
You'll learn how to set up a camera or your phone, using natural light or inexpensive clamp lights to photograph your artwork. Then you'll edit the photographs on your phone or computer, to make perfect images of your art to share online, or make prints as gifts, for sale or to promote your work.
In this class you will
Create an artboard to hold your artwork flat and in place, that you can use any time you need to photograph new work
Learn how to line up your camera correctly, using a simple pocket mirror
Learn a simple setup, either outdoors or indoors for lighting and photographing your artwork
Photograph your artwork using any camera you have, or your phone
Edit your photographs on your computer or on your phone using free apps! (no photoshop or Lightroom needed)
Produce high-quality, color-balanced photographs of your artwork that you can post to social media, build a website, make prints, or sell your work online.
This class is for anyone who needs high-quality photographs of their creative artwork.... no fancy photo skills needed!
If you want to build a website, post to social media. sell your artwork or share your art with friends and family, You need clear, color-balanced photographs of your art!

All the materials you'll need for this class can be found around the house or purchased at your local hardware store or building center. In addition, you'll need either a camera or your phone, and a simple (inexpensive) tripod to hold it in position. The class notes have links to all the items you'll need for this class.
So let's get started, and soon you'll be able to photograph your artwork.



Photograph Your Own Artwork: For Your Website, Social Media, Skillshare or Print

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