Understanding and Painting the Head

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Understanding and Painting the Head

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Perhaps nothing is more essential for an artist to understand than the human head. Drawing and painting the head well presents us with nearly every major drawing challenge: form, proportion, perspective, anatomy, complexity, simplicity, etc.

In Chapter 1, Marco will break down the head with focus on the most important things you need to understand to draw and paint it well. These are not simply anatomy lessons. They are designed with application in mind, to give you the full scope of the art process, from understanding to execution.

In Chapter 2, Marco will paint the head in full color and light. Over several demonstrations, he will discuss how to go about simplifying and managing all the information presented in Chapter 1, turning it into a beautiful, artful image.

At the end of the class several study tips are included, which can help you design your own assignments and actionable steps.

What you'll get out of the class:

Critical insight into the complexities of the head, and how to simplify them and present the information well in a drawing or painting
Practical information you can apply widely: from fine art portrait painting, to character design, to comic books
Both a technical understanding of the human head as well as artistic interpretations, and how to distinguish between the two
Insight into overall art fundamentals: value, shape, light and shadow
Fundamentals you can bring to all art subjects, beyond just the head
What to look for to create the biggest possible impact with your paintings
Development of a mindset that fosters confidence in your workflow
Learn a non-technical, artistic approach to digital painting, relevant in any software


Understanding and Painting the Head

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