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Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, 12th Edition (Pearson)

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, 12th Edition (Pearson)

2022 | English | 0137582609, 9780137582600 | True (PDF/EPUB) | 1150 pages | 70 MB/156 MB

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus focuses on the essentials you need, with no added theory or side trips. It supports understanding of mathematical techniques and how they apply on the job in fields like computer design, electronics, solar energy, lasers, and the environment. A vast number of applications create a solid foundation in algebra and trigonometry and demonstrate their applicability in various technical fields. Plenty of solved examples, problem sets, and practice exercises help reinforce skills. End-of-chapter review and test prep help you succeed on quizzes and exams. Additionally, the authors point out common errors, frequently misunderstood topics, and essential material.

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