Computational Semantics (PDF)

Computational Semantics (PDF)

ITexLi | 2023 | ISBN: 1837684669 9781837684663 1837684650 9781837684656 1837684677 9781837684670 | 139 pages | PDF | 14 MB

This book analyzes the application of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in the semantics’ analysis for linguistics, classical studies, and philosophy. Similar techniques can be implemented to incorporate the fields of education, psychology, humanities, law, maritime, data science and business intelligence. The book is suitable for the broader audience interested in the emerging scientific field of formal and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The significance of incorporating all aspects of logic design right at the beginning of the creation of a new NLP system is emphasized and analyzed throughout the book. NLP and AI systems offer an unprecedented set of virtues to society. However, the principles of ethical logic design and operation of primitive to deep learning NLP products must be considered in the future, even via the preparation of legislation if needed. As law applications are already taking advantage of the techniques mentioned, the manufacturers should apply the laws and the possible knowledge development of the NLP products could even be monitored after sales. This will minimize the drawbacks of implementing such intelligent technological solutions. NLP systems are a digital representation of ourselves and may even interact with each other in the future. Learning from them is also a way to improve ourselves.

1. Introduction to Computational Semantics
2. Speech Recognition Based on Statistical Features
3. Methods for Speech Signal Structuring and Extracting Features
4. Generalized Spectral-Temporal Features for Representing Speech Information
5. Difficulties for Translating Quevedo’s Sonnets from Portuguese Translations into English
6. Toward Lightweight Cryptography: A Survey
7. Computation of Wind Turbine Power Generation, Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance

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